hackerhalted 2017 Oct. 9, 2017 to Oct. 10, 2017, atlanta,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
KEYNOTE Jay Bavisi N/A
DEBATE:Hackers, The Media, Truth, Trust, and Alternative Facts Mark d. Rasch , Winn Shwartau , Drph Gregory Carpenter , Michael J. Masucci N/A
KEYNOTE:Leave your zero days at the door, leave your latest hacks behind, AND bring your playbook for the blue team Chris Roberts N/A
When Current Ransomware and Payload of the Day (CRAP of the day) Hits the Fan: Breaking the Bad News Catherine Ullman N/A
A Functional Taxonomy of Information Warfare and Cyberweapons Winn Schwartau N/A
A Corporate Guide to Surviving Cyberwarfare Through Cyber Resiliency John Johnson N/A
Deception, perception, and how to lose the cyberwar Fred Cohen N/A
Hacking Drones: Cyberspace and Interconnected Systems Laura Samso Pericon N/A
Hidden in plain sight; How possibly could a decades old standard be broken? Paul Mellen N/A
The Hidden Sun Tzu: Deceiving the Master Gregory Carpenter N/A
Decoding Cyber Counterintelligence (CCI) for the Private Sector Jonathan Creekmore N/A
Bypassing iOS Security using Enterprise Provisioning Hooks? Georgia Weidman N/A
Proactive Defense: Leveraging Red Team reconnaissance to reduce your asset exposure Joshua Hiller N/A
Application of Sun Tzu Art of War Principles to the Cyber Warfare Domain Roy E. Wilson N/A
Incident Response in Hybrid Cloud Yuri Diogenes N/A
IoT Security – Executing an Effective Security Testing Process Deral Heiland N/A
W.A.R. (WordsAreRisk) Deidre Diamond N/A
Phishing: It’s Not Just for Pentesters – Using Phishing to Build a Successful Awareness Program Joe Gray N/A
The Anarchist’s Guide to Security Management – A Strategy To Apply Infosec Skills To A Human Challenge Spencer Wilcox N/A
The Tao of Cyber Warfare: Introducing an Innovation Frame that Will Dramatically Bolsters Cyber Defense (& Offense) Ltc Ernest Wong N/A
Challenges in Reversing a Polymorphic Ransomware Raul Alvarez N/A
How to Patch Stupid – A modern approach to remediating user risk Joshua Crumbaugh N/A