hacktivity 2017 Oct. 20, 2017 to Oct. 21, 2017, budapest,hungary

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening ceremony Attila Marosi-bauer N/A
Keynote presentation: APT Paleontology in the age of cyber Costin Raiu N/A
How to hide your browser 0-days Zoltan Balazs N/A
Behind the Rabbit and beyond the USB Zoltán Wollner N/A
Network Automation is not your Safe Haven: Protocol Analysis and Vulnerabilities of Autonomic Network Omar Eissa N/A
Exploit generation with WinDGB Csaba Fitzl N/A
Some Thoughts on Literate Disassembly and Symbol Porting Travis Goodspeed N/A
Money makes money: How to buy an ATM and what you can do with it Leigh-anne Galloway N/A
REST API, pentester's perspective Mateusz Olejarka N/A
Locky - anti-analysis techniques used by the ransomware Roland Kamarás N/A
Corrupting Ancient Spirits - Penetration Testing Oracle Forms Bálint Varga-perke N/A
How to pwn a Windows domain? Zoltan Balazs N/A
Limitations of Android permission system: packages, processes and user privacy Julien Thomas N/A
How to convince a malware to avoid us? Csaba Fitzl N/A
Active Directory Threats & Detection: Heartbeat that keeps you alive may also kill you! Harman Singh N/A
Dive into Magenta – fuzzing Google’s new kernel Attila Hosszú N/A
Ethical hacking in Hungary: Roundtable discussion (in Hungarian) Balázs Varga-perke , Csaba Dalma N/A
Exploiting USB/IP in Linux Ignat Korchagin N/A
Keynote presentation (title TBD) Haroon Meer N/A
Hacking drones and buying passwords in the Darknet Tobias Schrödel N/A
Attacking RDP with Seth – How to eavesdrop on poorly secured RDP connections Adrian Vollmer N/A
A heaven for Hackers: Breaking Log/SIEM Products Mehmet Ince N/A
BlueBorne Explained: Exploiting Android devices over the air Ben Vishnepolsky N/A
Bug hunting using symbolic virtual machines Anto Joseph N/A
PeopleSoft: HACK THE Planet^W university Dmitry Yudin N/A
Tools for effortless reverse engineering of MikroTik routers Kirils Solovjovs N/A
Office Exploit Builders Gabor Szappanos N/A