sector 2017 Nov. 13, 2017 to Nov. 15, 2017, toronto,canada

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
“Welcome to SecTor 2017” Brian Bourne N/A
Fighting Cyber(in)security David Shrier N/A
Prosperity and Security: A Renewed Approach to Cyber Security for Canada Colleen Merchant N/A
Security and Privacy in a Hyper-connected World Bruce Schneier N/A
Winning Defense Allison Miller N/A
“BlueBorne” Explained – New Attack Vector Exposing 5B+ Devices Nadir Izrael N/A
A Deep Dive into the Digital Weapons of Mysterious Cyber Army Chi-en Shen N/A
Attacking Modern SaaS Companies Sean Cassidy N/A
Botract – Abusing smart contracts and blockchain for botnet command and control Majid Malaika N/A
Breaking the Laws of Robotics: Attacking Industrial Robots Stefano Zanero N/A
Disrupting the Mirai Botnet Chuck Mcauley N/A
FAIL Panel Version 5 – EquiFAIL! James Arlen , Rich Mogull , Ben Sapiro , Dave Lewis N/A
Gitting Betrayed: How agile practices can make you vulnerable Clint Gibler , Noah Beddome N/A
Improving Incident Response for ICS Dean Parsons N/A
Incident Response and Forensics in AWS Jonathon Poling N/A
Lies and Damn Lies: Getting Past the Hype Of Endpoint Security Solutions Lidia Giuliano N/A
MS Just Gave the Blue Team Tactical Nukes (And How Red Teams Need to Adapt) Chris Thompson N/A
Pwning a Smart Home in Under 10 Minutes Aditya Gupta N/A
Reverse Engineering Automotive Diagnostics Eric Evenchick N/A
Rootkits vs Ransomware 2.0. Using evil to fight for good Boris Rudakov N/A
Securing Shopify’s PaaS on GKE Jonathan Pulsifer N/A
The Black Art of Wireless Post-Exploitation Gabriel Ryan N/A
The Cyberwar Playbook: Financial Services as Critical Infrastructure Jennifer Fernick , Louise Dandonneau N/A
The quantum threat: what really matters today? Michele Mosca , Vlad Gheorghiu N/A
Threat Hunting an Evolving Malware Campaign and the Actors Behind It Jeremy Richards N/A
When Two-Factor Authentication is a Foe: Breaking the iCloud Keychain Vladimir Katalov N/A
Best Practices to Secure Application Containers and Microservices Anil Karmel N/A
Does a BEAR Leak in the Woods? What the DNC breach, Guccifer and Russian APT’s have taught us about attribution analysis Toni Gidwani N/A
Establishing the CSIRT Team for The Rio 2016 Olympic Games Romulo Rocha N/A
GDPR for Canadian Organisations – What you need to know! Bruce Cowper N/A
Leveraging Best Practices to Determine Your Cyber Insurance Needs Dave Millier , Russ Cohen N/A
Power Up/Level Up: Supercharging Your Security Program for Cloud and DevOps Rich Mogull N/A
Your Chance to Get It Right: 5 Keys to Building AppSec Into DevOps Chris Wysopal N/A
After the Incident: DIY Forensic Collection Eugene Filipowicz N/A
Barbarians At The Gate(way): An Examination Of The Attacker’s Tool Box Dave Lewis N/A
Breach Happens: Effectively Responding to a Data Breach Iain Paterson N/A
Building Your Own Open-source Android Penetration Testing Platform Amadeus Konopko , Jean-paul Mitri N/A
Common Attacks Against Active Directory and How to Protect your Organization Against Them Kevin Mcbride N/A
Frugal Web Application Testing – Can in-house penetration testing achieve industry standard results while saving you money? Harshal Chandorkar , Natalia Wadden N/A
Top SIEM Use Cases You Should Implement Today Julian Pileggi N/A
Boosting Canada’s Cyber Immune System for Internet Health Matt Broda N/A
Building a Secure Foundation for the Internet of Things (IoT) John Grimm N/A
Building Your Own Automated Malware Analysis Lab for Insights on Active Threats. Kurtis Armour N/A
Cloud Security is Application Security – Securing the Cloud as a Team John Turner N/A
Cyber Crime and Financial Crime: different sides of the same coin Tyson Macaulay N/A
Decoding Cyberespionage from Insider Mistakes Ken Bell N/A
How to Ramp Up Security Operations to Stop Advanced Threats David Millar N/A
Hunting Ransomware: Automate protection to get ahead of the next global outbreak Sean Earhard N/A
Insider Threat Analytics & Anomalous Behaviors Carl Miller N/A
Moving Up the Security Maturity Curve – The Sisyphean Task Jamie Hari N/A
Prioritizing Vulnerability Remediation From an Attacker’s Perspective Bharat Jogi N/A
Privileged Access Security for Hybrid Cloud: Secure Amazon, Azure and Google Environments Wade Tongen N/A
Security Automation and Orchestration That Won’t Get You Fired Syra Arif N/A
Security consideration for Microservices using Container Technology Ralph Janke N/A
Take Best Practices to the Next Level Ken Muir N/A
The Future of Privacy David Fewer N/A
The Power Of Integration Brian Read N/A
The Spy in Your Pocket Bobby Buggs N/A
The State of the Phish and Response Mike Saurbaugh N/A
Threat hunting demystified – Strengthening risk management through proactive investigation and response Michael Otto N/A
Chkrootkit: Eating APTs at Breakfast Since 1997 Nelson Murilo N/A
Extending BloodHound for Red Teamers Tom Porter N/A
Metasploit Community: Tips, Tricks and What’s New Jeffrey Martin N/A
NOAH: Uncover the Evil Within! Respond Immediately by Collecting All the Artifacts Agentlessly Pierre-alexandre Braeken N/A
Security Training in a (Virtual) Box Marcelle Lee , Joe Gray N/A
TLS Tools for Blue Teams Lee Brotherston N/A
Weapons of a Pentester Nick Aleks N/A