HITBSecConf Malaysia 2007 Sept. 3, 2007 to Sept. 6, 2007, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Cyberwar Is Bullshit Lance Spitzner Presentation Abstract:There has been a great deal of irresponsible and inaccurate talk about “cyberwar” in ... Security Cyberwar
The Art Of Click Jacking Mikko Hypponen Presentation Abstract:Clickjacking affects just about everyone using a Web browser and it’s time the full ... Security Web Media Browser
The Evolution Of Hacking Emmanuel Goldstein Presentation Details:There have always been hackers. People who challenge the rules, think outside the box, ... Security
Hacking Scada: How To 0Wn Critical National Infrastructure Alessio Mayhem Presentation Title:Presentation Details:This talk will introduce the audience to SCADA environments and its totally different ... Security Infrastructure
Hacking Hardened And Secured Oracle Servers Alexander Kornbrust Presentation Title:Presentation Details:Most papers and documents concerning hacking Oracle databases are designed to break into ... Security
Injecting Rds-Tmc Traffic Information Signals - How To Freak Out Your Sat Nav System Andrea Barisani Presentation Title:Presentation Details:RDS-TMC is a standard based on RDS (Radio Data System) for communicating over ... Security Infrastructure Community
Hacking The Bluetooth Stack For Fun, Fame And Profit Dino Covotsos Presentation Title:Presentation Details:Enhancements in cellular technology and mobile computing in recent years has lead to ... Security Wireless Access Business Testing
Attacking Cisco Network Admission Control – Nac@Ack Dror-john Roecher Presentation Title:Presentation Details:The last two years have seen a big new marketing-buzz named “Admission Control” ... Security
Enterprise Hacking: Who Needs Exploit Codes? Fetri Miftach Presentation Title:Presentation Details:Traditional business drivers (time to market, cost basis etc) are still the dominant ... Security Access Risk Analysis Business Development
Advanced Web Application And Database Threat Analysis With Matrixay Frank Yuan Fan Presentation Title:Presentation Details:Web application vulnerability and threats has been rated as #1 issue in 2006, ... Security Web Analysis
Protocol Fuzzing Luiz "effffn" Eduardo Presentation Title:Presentation AbstractThis presentation will cover all that is about to know on protocol fuzzing. ... Security Fuzzing
High Security Locks - Illusion Or Reality? Marc Weber Tobias Presentation Title:Presentation Details:In the United States, two standards organizations rate cylinders for their ability to ... Security Analysis
Insider Threat Visualization Raffael Marty Presentation Title:Presentation Details:Insider Threat has become an increasingly discussed topic in the past months. Information ... Security Analysis Compliance Automation