ACM 2017 Dec. 11, 2017 to Dec. 15, 2017, las vegas,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Scheduler Activations for Interference-Resilient SMP Virtual Machine Scheduling Yong Zhao , Jia Rao , Kun Suo , Luwei Cheng N/A
Efficient Covering for Top-k Filtering in Content-Based Publish/Subscribe Systems Hans-arno Jacobsen , Kaiwen Zhang , Mohammad Sadoghi , Vinod Muthusamy N/A
Sieve: Actionable Insights from Monitored Metrics in Distributed Systems Ruichuan Chen , Pramod Bhatotia , Christof Fetzer , Bimal Viswanath , Jörg Thalheim , Antonio Rodrigues , Istemi Ekin Akkus , Lei Jiao N/A
Rectify: Black-Box Intrusion Recovery in PaaS Clouds Miguel Correia , David R. Matos , Miguel Pardal N/A
A Programming Model for Application-defined Multipath TCP Scheduling Amr Rizk , Alexander Frömmgen , Tobias Erbshäußer , Max Weller , Boris Koldehofe , Alejandro Buchmann , Ralf Steinmetz N/A
Data-driven Serverless Functions for Object Storage Josep Sampé , Marc Sánchez-artigas , Pedro Garcı́a-lópez , Gerard París N/A
Binary Compatible Graphics Support in Android for Running iOS Apps Jason Nieh , Jeremy Andrus , Naser Alduaij N/A
ORCA: an ORChestration Automata for Configuring VNFs Jesus Omana Iglesias , Jordi Arjona Aroca , Volker Hilt , Diego Lugones N/A
SPECTRE: Supporting Consumption Policies in Window-Based Parallel Complex Event Processing Ruben Mayer , Ahmad Slo , Muhammad Adnan Tariq , Kurt Rothermel , Manuel Gräber , Umakishore Ramachandran N/A
Improving Spark Application Throughput Via Memory Aware Task Co-location: A Mixture of Experts Approach Zheng Wang , Ben Taylor , Vicent Sanz Marco , Barry Porter N/A
Ginja: One-dollar Cloud-based Disaster Recovery for Databases Alysson Bessani , Tiago Oliveira , Joel Alcantara N/A
POLM2: Automatic Profiling for Object Lifetime-Aware Memory Management for HotSpot Big Data Applications Paulo Ferreira , Rodrigo Bruno N/A
X-Search: Revisiting Private Web Search using Intel SGX Ben Mokhtar Sonia , Boutet Antoine , Felber Pascal , Pasin Marcelo , Pires Rafael , Schiavoni Valerio N/A
Rivulet: Fault-Tolerant Platform for Smart-Home Applications Rayman Preet Singh , Masoud Saeida Ardekani , Douglas B. Terry , Nitin Agrawal , Riza O. Suminto N/A
StreamApprox: Approximate Computing for Stream Analytics Ruichuan Chen , Pramod Bhatotia , Thorsten Strufe , Christof Fetzer , Do Le Quoc , Volker Hilt N/A
Sense-Aid: A framework for enabling network as a service for participatory sensing Saurabh Bagchi , Heng Zhang , Nawanol Theera-ampornpunt , He Wang , Rajesh K. Panta N/A
Rafiki: A Middleware for Parameter Tuning of NoSQL Datastores for Dynamic Metagenomics Workloads Saurabh Bagchi , Ashraf Mahgoub , Paul Wood , Sachandhan Ganesh , Subrata Mitra , Wolfgang Gerlach , Travis Harrison , Folker Meyer , Ananth Grama , Somali Chaterji N/A
DoubleDecker: A cooperative memory management framework for derivative clouds Purushottam Kulkarni , Debadatta Mishra , Prashanth N/A
Swayam: Distributed Autoscaling to Meet SLAs of Machine Learning Inference Services with Resource Efficiency Björn B. Brandenburg , Kathryn S. Mckinley , Arpan Gujarati , Sameh Elnikety , Yuxiong He N/A
HyperDrive: Exploring Hyperparameters with POP Scheduling Rodrigo Fonseca , Yuxiong He , Jeff Rasley , Feng Yan , Olatunji Ruwase N/A
Reliable Messaging to Millions of Users with MigratoryData Mihai Rotaru , Florentin Olariu , Emanuel Onica , Etienne Rivière N/A
Accessing Google Scholar under Extreme Internet Censorship: A Legal Avenue Christo Wilson , Yao Liu , Ennan Zhai , Zhenhua Li , Tianyin Xu , Zhen Lu , Jian Yang N/A
Predicting DRAM Reliability in the Field with Machine Learning John Bird , Ioana Giurgiu , Jacint Szabo , Dorothea Wiesmann N/A
DarNet: A Deep Learning Solution for Distracted Driving Detection Mudhakar Srivatsa , Christopher Streiffer , Ramya Raghavendra , Theo Benson N/A
Usable Declarative Configuration Specification and Validation for Applications, System, and Cloud Canturk Isci , Sahil Suneja , Ozan Tuncer , Nilton Bila , Salman Baset N/A
The Security MicroVisor: virtualisation-based security for commodity Internet of Things Devices Wouter Joosen , Wilfried Daniels , Bruno Crispo , Nelson Matthys , Danny Hughes , Mahmoud Ammar N/A
OpVis: Extensible, Cross-platform Operational Visibility and Analytics for Cloud Canturk Isci , Sahil Suneja , Shripad Nadgowda , Fabio A Oliveira N/A
Programming Application-defined Multipath TCP Schedulers A. Frömmgen , B. Koldehofe N/A
HyperPubSub: a Decentralized, Permissioned, Publish/Subscribe Service using Blockchains N. Zupan , K. Zhang , H. Jacobsen N/A
Combat State-Aware Interest Management for Online Games K. Zhang , H. Jacobsen , J. Wang N/A
VIBES: Fast Blockchain Simulations for Large-scale Peer-to-Peer Networks K. Zhang , H. Jacobsen , L. Stoykov N/A
A Software-defined Hybrid Cache with Reduced Energy J. He , J. Callenes-sloan N/A
MoCA+: Incorporating User Modeling into Mobile Contextual Advertising S. Lee , S. Park , J. Lee , S. Jun , K. Kim N/A
Realizing an Elastic Memcached via Cached Data Migration U. Hafeez , D. Male , S. Naeni , M. Wajahat , A. Gandhi N/A
a Serverless Topic-Based and Content-Based Pub/Sub Broker H. Jacobsen , P. Nasirifard , A. Slominski , V. Muthusamy , V. Ishakian N/A
Improving server utilization via resource-adaptive batch VMs A. Gandhi , S. Javadi , P. Banginwar , V. Chanana , R. Narvekar , M. Savita N/A
Abstractions for Supercomputing Platforms to Facilitate Consolidation of Services S. Alam N/A
Drowsy-DC, Data-center Power Management Inspired by Smartphones M. Bacou , G. Todeschi , A. Tchana , D. Hagimont , B. Lepers , W. Zwaenepoel N/A
A Shared Multi-stakeholder Platform for IoT W. Joosen , D. Jonckers , A. Hovsepyan N/A
Sharing a connectivity via informed proxy selection Khulan Batbayar N/A
Message-Oriented Middleware for Edge Computing Applications Thomas Rausch N/A
Continuous Experimentation for Software Developers Gerald Schermann N/A
End-to-End Regression Testing for Distributed Systems Eugenia Gabrielova N/A
Toward Software Updates in IoT Environments: Why Existing P2P Systems are not Enough Trystram N/A
Towards a Framework for Orchestrated Distributed Database Evaluation in the Cloud Daniel Seybold N/A
Towards Accelerating Synchrophasor Based Linear State Estimation of Power Grid Systems Vinaya Chakati N/A