asiacrypt 2017 Dec. 3, 2017 to Dec. 7, 2017, hong kong,china

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
The ship has sailed: the NIST Post-Quantum Cryptography "competition" Dustin Moody N/A
Identification Protocols and Signature Schemes Based on Supersingular Isogeny Problems Christophe Petit , Steven D. Galbraith , Javier Silva N/A
An Existential Unforgeable Signature Scheme based on Multivariate Quadratic Equations Kyung-ah Shim , Cheol-min Park , Namhun Koo N/A
Post-Quantum Security of Fiat-Shamir Dominique Unruh N/A
Improved Conditional Cube Attacks on Keccak Keyed Modes with MILP Method Xiaoyun Wang , Xiaoyang Dong , Zheng Li , Wenquan Bi N/A
Automatic Search of Bit-Based Division Property for ARX Ciphers and Word-Based Division Property Meiqin Wang , Wei Wang , Ling Sun N/A
Lattices Rei Safavi-naini N/A
Large Modulus Ring-LWE >= Module-LWE Martin R. Albrecht , Amit Deo N/A
Revisiting the Expected Cost of Solving uSVP and Applications to LWE Martin R. Albrecht , Florian Göpfert , Fernando Virdia , Thomas Wunderer N/A
Coded-BKW with Sieving Thomas Johansson , Qian Guo , Erik Mårtensson , Paul Stankovski N/A
Sharper Bounds in Lattice-Based Cryptography using the Rényi Divergence Thomas Prest N/A
Collisions and Semi-Free-Start Collisions for Round-Reduced RIPEMD-160 Florian Mendel , Gaoli Wang , Fukang Liu N/A
Linear Cryptanalysis of DES with Asymmetries Andrey Bogdanov , Philip S. Vejre N/A
Yoyo Tricks with AES Sondre Rønjom , Navid Ghaedi Bardeh , Tor Helleseth N/A
New Key Recovery Attacks on Minimal Two-Round Even-Mansour Ciphers Takanori Isobe , Kyoji Shibutani N/A
Faster packed homomorphic operations and efficient circuit bootstrapping for TFHE Ilaria Chillotti , Nicolas Gama , Mariya Georgieva , Malika Izabachène N/A
Homomorphic Encryption for Arithmetic of Approximate Numbers Jung Hee Cheon , Andrey Kim , Miran Kim , Yongsoo Song N/A
Quantum Fully Homomorphic Encryption with Verification Christian Schaffner , Gorjan Alagic , Yfke Dulek , Florian Speelman N/A
Access Control Encryption for General Policies from Standard Assumptions David J. Wu , Sam Kim N/A
Strengthening Access Control Encryption Ueli Maurer , Christian Badertscher , Christian Matt N/A
Adaptive Oblivious Transfer with Access Control from Lattice Assumptions Huaxiong Wang , San Ling , Benoit Libert , Khoa Nguyen , Fabrice Mouhartem N/A
On the Depth of Oblivious Parallel RAM Elaine Shi , T-h. hubert Chan , Kai-min Chung N/A
Low Cost Constant Round MPC Combining BMR and Oblivious Transfer Carmit Hazay , Peter Scholl , Eduardo Soria-vazquez N/A
Maliciously Secure Oblivious Linear Function Evaluation with Constant Overhead Jesper buus Nielsen , Satrajit Ghosh , Tobias Nilges N/A
Oblivious Hashing Revisited, and Applications to Asymptotically Efficient ORAM and OPRAM Elaine Shi , T.-h. Hubert Chan , Yue Guo , Wei-kai Lin N/A
Authenticated Encryption in the Face of Protocol and Side Channel Leakage Martijn Stam , Elisabeth Oswald , Daniel P. Martin , Guy Barwell N/A
Consolidating Inner Product Masking Josep Balasch , Sebastian Faust , Francois-xavier Standaert , Benedikt Gierlichs , Clara Paglialonga N/A
The First Thorough Side-Channel Hardware Trojan Amir Moradi , Christof Paar , Maik Ender , Samaneh Ghandali N/A
Amortizing Randomness Complexity in Private Circuits Sebastian Faust , Clara Paglialonga , Tobias Schneider N/A
Combinatorics in Information-Theoretic Cryptography Huaxiong Wang N/A
Kummer for Genus One over Prime Order Fields Sabyasachi Karati , Palash Sarkar N/A
ABE with Tag Made Easy: Concise Framework and New Instantiations in Prime-order Groups Jie Chen , Junqing Gong N/A
Towards a Classification of Non-interactive Computational Assumptions in Cyclic Groups Essam Ghadafi , Jens Groth N/A
An Efficient Pairing-Based Shuffle Argument Helger Lipmaa , Prastudy Fauzi , Janno Siim , Michal Zajac N/A
Efficient Ring Signatures in the Standard Model Dominique Schröder , Giulio Malavolta N/A
Grover Meets Simon - Quantumly Attacking the FX-construction Gregor Leander , Alexander May N/A
Quantum Multicollision-Finding Algorithm Yu Sasaki , Keita Xagawa , Akinori Hosoyamada N/A
An Efficient Quantum Collision Search Algorithm and Implications on Symmetric Cryptography María Naya-plasencia , André Chailloux , André Schrottenloher N/A
Quantum Resource Estimates for Computing Elliptic Curve Discrete Logarithms Michael Naehrig , Kristin Lauter , Martin Roetteler , Krysta M. Svore N/A
qDSA: Small and Secure Digital Signatures with Curve-based Diffie-Hellman Key Pairs Benjamin Smith , Joost Renes N/A
A simple and compact algorithm for SIDH with arbitrary degree isogenies Craig Costello , Huseyin Hisil N/A
Faster Algorithms for Isogeny Problems using Torsion Point Images Christophe Petit N/A
Beyond Hellman's Time-Memory Trade-Offs with Applications to Proofs of Space Bram Cohen , Leonid Reyzin , Krzysztof Pietrzak , Joel Alwen , Hamza Abusalah , Danylo Khilko N/A
The Sleepy Model of Consensus Elaine Shi , Rafael Pass N/A
Instantaneous Decentralized Poker Ranjit Kumaresan , Andrew Miller , Iddo Bentov N/A
Multi-Party Protocols Jiang Zhang N/A
More Efficient Universal Circuit Constructions Thomas Schneider , Daniel Günther , Ágnes Kiss N/A
Efficient Scalable Constant-Round MPC via Garbled Circuits Yehuda Lindell , Eran Omri , Aner Ben-efraim N/A
Overlaying Conditional Circuit Clauses for Secure Computation Vladimir Kolesnikov , Sean W. Kennedy , Gordon Wilfong N/A
JIMU: Faster LEGO-based Secure Computation using Additive Homomorphic Hashes Yan Huang , Ruiyu Zhu N/A
Operating Modes Security Proofs Dominique Unruh N/A
Analyzing Multi-Key Security Degradation Kenneth g. Paterson , Bart Mennink , Atul Luykx N/A
Full-State Keyed Duplex With Built-In Multi-User Support Bart Mennink , Joan Daemen , Gilles Van Assche N/A
Improved Security for OCB3 Mridul Nandi , Ritam Bhaumik N/A
The Iterated Random Function Problem Nicky Mouha , Mridul Nandi , Ritam Bhaumik , Nilanjan Datta , Avijit Dutta N/A
White-box Cryptomania Pascal Paillier N/A
A Subversion-Resistant SNARK Helger Lipmaa , Michal Zajac , Behzad Abdolmaleki , Karim Baghery N/A
Cryptographic Protocols Khoa Nguyen N/A
Two-Round PAKE from Approximate SPH and Instantiations from Lattices Yu Yu , Jiang Zhang N/A
Tightly-Secure Signatures from Five-Move Identification Protocols Eike Kiltz , Jiaxin Pan , Julian Loss N/A
On the Untapped Potential of Encoding Predicates by Arithmetic Circuits and Their Applications Shuichi Katsumata N/A
The Minimum Number of Cards in Practical Card-based Protocols Alexander Koch , Takaaki Mizuki , Hideaki Sone , Yu-ichi Hayashi , Julia Kastner , Stefan Walzer , Daiki Miyahara N/A
Succinct Spooky Free Compilers Are Not Black Box Sound Yael Tauman Kalai , Zvika Brakerski , Renen Perlman N/A
Non-Interactive Multiparty Computation without Correlated Randomness Shai Halevi , Abhishek Jain , Amit Sahai , Yuval Ishai , Ilan Komargodski , Eylon Yogev N/A
Optimal-Rate Non-Committing Encryption Ran Canetti , Mariana Raykova , Oxana Poburinnaya N/A
Preventing CLT Attacks on Obfuscation with Linear Overhead Amit Sahai , Rex Fernando , Peter M.r. Rasmussen N/A
Two-Message Witness Indistinguishability and Secure Computation in the Plain Model from New Assumptions Amit Sahai , Sanjam Garg , Yuval Ishai , Saikrishna Badrinarayanan , Akshay Wadia N/A
Zero-Knowledge Arguments for Lattice-Based PRFs and Applications to E-Cash Huaxiong Wang , San Ling , Benoit Libert , Khoa Nguyen N/A
Linear-Time Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Arithmetic Circuit Satisfiability Essam Ghadafi , Jens Groth , Mohammad Hajiabadi , Jonathan Bootle , Andrea Cerulli , Sune K. Jakobsen N/A
How to Use Metaheuristics for Design of Symmetric-Key Primitives Ivica Nikolić N/A
Cycle Slicer: An Algorithm for Building Permutations on Special Domains Sarah Miracle , Scott Yilek N/A
Symmetrically and Asymmetrically Hard Cryptography Alex Biryukov , Leo Paul Perrin N/A
Blockcipher-based MACs: Beyond the Birthday Bound without Message Length Yusuke Naito N/A