BOTCONF 2017 Dec. 5, 2017 to Dec. 8, 2017, montpellier,france

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Botnet Tracking and Data Analysis Using Open-Source Tools Olivier Bilodeau , Masarah Paquet-clouston N/A
Workshop 2 Cyber Threat Intel & Incident Response with TheHive, Cortex & MISP Raphaël Vinot , Saâd Kadhi , Jérôme Léonard N/A
Workshop 3 Python and Machine Learning: How to Clusterize a Malware Dataset Sébastien Larinier N/A
Keynote How to Compute the Clusterization of a Very Large Dataset of Malware with Open Source Tools for Fun & Profit? Sébastien Larinier , Robert Erra , Alexandre Letois , Marwan Burelle N/A
Get Rich or Die Trying Mark Lechtik , Or Eshed N/A
Exploring a P2P Transient Botnet — From Discovery to Enumeration Renato Marinho , Raimir Holanda N/A
RetDec: An Open-Source Machine-Code Decompiler Jakub Křoustek , Peter Matula , Petr Zemek N/A
A Silver Path: Ideas for Improving Lawful Sharing of Botnet Evidence with Law Enforcement Karine E Silva N/A
Use Your Enemies: Tracking Botnets with Bots Jarosław Jedynak , Paweł Srokosz N/A
SOCKs as a Service, Botnet Discovery Allison Nixon , Chad Seaman , Christopher Baker N/A
Automation Of Internet-Of-Things Botnets Takedown By An ISP Sébastien Mériot N/A
The New Era of Android Banking Botnets Pedro Drimel Neto N/A
Hunting Down Gooligan Elie Bursztein , Oren Koriat N/A
KNIGHTCRAWLER, « Discovering Watering-holes for Fun, Nothing. » Félix Aimé N/A
The (makes me) Wannacry Investigation Alan Neville N/A
Malware Uncertainty Principle: an Alteration of Malware Behavior by Close Observation Sebastian Garcia , Maria Jose Erquiaga , Carlos Garcia Garino N/A
Knock Knock… Who’s there? admin admin, Get In! An Overview of the CMS Brute-Forcing Malware Landscape Verónica Valeros , Anna Shirokova N/A
Automation Attacks at Scale Will Glazier , Mayank Dhiman N/A
The Good, the Bad, the Ugly: Handling the Lazarus Incident in Poland Maciej Kotowicz N/A
Malpedia: A Collaborative Effort to Inventorize the Malware Landscape Daniel Plohmann , Martin Clauß , Steffen Enders , Elmar Padilla N/A
YANT-Yet Another Nymaim Talk Sebastian Eschweiler N/A
Augmented Intelligence to Scale Humans Fighting Botnets Yuriy Yuzifovich , Hongliang Liu , Alexey Sarychev , Amir Asiaee N/A
Stantinko: a Massive Adware Campaign Operating Covertly since 2012 Matthieu Faou , Frédéric Vachon N/A
Onyphe – Samba Exposure, Patrice Auffret N/A
You Shall be Named!, Asaf Nadler N/A
Dropper Analysis, Gaël Muller N/A
DEFT Linux #weareback!, Giovanni Rattaro N/A
Sysmon FTW!, Tom Ueltschi N/A
PyOnyphe Client Library, Sébastien Larinier N/A
Autopwn, Benoît Ancel N/A
Just a normal phishing, Peter Wälti N/A
Context enrichment in IR, Antoine Méric N/A
Yet another sandbox evasion, 0xmitsurugi N/A
Sysmon Sigs for Linux Honeypots, Olivier Bilodeau N/A
Malware Config Dynamic Extraction, Paul Daher N/A
IDA APPCALL, Jonathan Thieuleux N/A
Formatting for Justice: Crime Doesn’t Pay, Neither Does Rich Text Anthony Kasza N/A
PWS, Common, Ugly but Effective Paul Jung N/A
Nyetya Malware & MeDoc Connection David Maynor , Paul Rascagneres N/A
Math + GPU + DNS = Cracking Locky Seeds in Real Time without Analyzing Samples Hongliang Liu , Alexey Sarychev , Yohai Einav N/A
Hunting Attacker Activities — Methods for Discovering, Detecting Lateral Movements Shusei Tomonaga , Keisuke Muda N/A
Malware, Penny Stocks, Pharma Spam — Necurs Delivers Jaeson Schultz , Nick Biasini , Edmund Brumaghin , Warren Mercer N/A
Thinking Outside of the (Sand)box Łukasz Siewierski N/A
Advanced Threat Hunting Robert Simmons N/A