bsidescapetown 2017 Dec. 2, 2017 to Dec. 2, 2017, cape town,south africa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Docker for Hackers Ross Simpson N/A
Using Electromagnetic Emissions to Intercept AES-128 Cryptographic Keys from a Raspberry Ibraheem Frieslaar N/A
Junk Hacking to skill up – Exploiting a Personal Cloud Storage and Media Streamer Masande Mtintsilana N/A
TODO: “Secure(r) Cloud Development” Christo Goosen , Toufeeq Ockards N/A
Vault on DC/OS: Secure Secret Management on Budget Mary Racter N/A
Attack Simulations and Hunting Made Easy Nathi Mogomotsi N/A
Teaching old malware new tricks also why are ATM hackers working with German malware authors to deliver North Korean nation state malware James Stephenson N/A
PEEK’ing and POKE’ing hardware – Hacking a ZX Spectrum Dale Nunns N/A
Advancements of Security on Medical Implantable Devices is the IoT the Next Step to Rooting the Human Being. Veronica Schmidtt N/A
Breach huffing; a culinary exploration of data breaches Frank Allenby N/A
Securing the Industrial Internet of Things Brent Shaw N/A
Smarter Contracts: A Brief Look at Smart Contract Security Kyle Riley N/A