HITBSecConf Malaysia 2008 Oct. 27, 2008 to Oct. 30, 2008, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Dissolving An Industry As A Hobby Peter Sunde Presentation Title:Presentation Abstract:The Pirate Bay is the worlds largest file sharing network, currently and historically. ... Security Media Legal
Next Generation Reverse Shell (Ngrs) Ar Presentation Title:Presentation Abstract:The purpose of the Next Generation Reverse Shell [NGRS] is to revolutionize the ... Security Firewall Access
Cracking Into Embedded Devices And Beyond! Adrian ‘pagvac’ Pastor Presentation Title:Presentation DetailsThis is the updated version of my presentation given at HITBSecConf Dubai and ... Security Community Media
Hitb-Lab - Advanced Lock Picking And Physical Security By-Pass Methods Andrew ‘Q’ Righter Presentation Title:Presentation Abstract:Conducted by members of TOOOL USA, this lab expands on the topics covered ... Security
Bluepilling The Xen Hypervisor Alexander Tereshkin Presentation Title:Presentation Abstract:This talk will discuss how to insert Bluepill on top of the running ... Security Firewall Exploitation Malware
Pushing The Camel Through The Eye Of A Needle Charl van der Walt Presentation Title:Presentation Abstract:Disclaimer: This talk will be as web2.0 correct as possible and will demonstrate ... Security Web
Ipwning The Iphone Charlie Miller Presentation Title:Presentation Abstract:This talk will begin with a some basics about the iPhone and its ... Security Fuzzing Access Exploitation
Detecting And Removing Malware Without Anti Virus Software - Hitb Lab Session Ching Tim Meng Presentation Title:Presentation Abstract:Malware, as defined in Wikipedia, is software designed to infiltrate or damage a ... Security Malware
Mac Os Xploitation Dino Dai Zovi Presentation Title:Presentation Abstract:MacOS X has so far enjoyed a comparatively safe and malware-free existence on ... Security Rootkits Wireless Exploitation Testing
Internet Explorer 8 - Trustworthy Engineering And Browsing Eric Lawrence Presentation Title:Presentation Abstract:This paper will present a technical overview of the security engineering process behind ... Security Web Community Browser
Analysis And Visualization Of Common Packers Ero ( Ertia ) Carrera Presentation Title:Presentation Details:In a field like malware analysis the first problem one encounters is that ... Security Analysis
Pass-The-Hash Toolkit For Windows Hernan Ochoa Presentation Title:Presentation Abstract:The ‘Pass-the-hash’ technique, first published in 1997 by Paul Ashton, basically allows attackers ... Security Access Development
Decompilers And Beyond Ilfak Guilfanov Presentation Title:Presentation Abstract:Disassemblers are routinely used for reverse engineering but their inherent limitations make them ... Security Analysis
Hacking A Bird In The Sky 2.0 Jim Geovedi Presentation Title:Presentation Details:An update to one of the most popular presentations at HITBSecConf2006 - Malaysia; ... Security Wireless Development Testing
A Fox In The Hen House - Upnp Igd Jonathan Squire Presentation Title:Presentation Abstract:Easy is the mantra of consumer devices these days. “Just plug it in ... Security Infrastructure Wireless Web Media
Moocherhunting: Real-Time Geo-Location Of Moochers, Hackers And Unauthorized Wifi Users Julian Ho Presentation Title:Presentation Abstract:With wireless networking so prevalent in modern societies, the ability of a person ... Security Infrastructure Wireless Access Auditing Testing
Hitb-Lab: Bluetooth, Rfid And Wireless King Tuna Presentation Title:Presentation Abstract:A hardcore intensive session conducted by members of HacDC, this lab will take ... Security Wireless Community
Remote Code Execution Through Intel Cpu Bugs Kris Kaspersky Presentation Title:Presentation Abstract:According to the Intel Specification Updates, Intel Core 2 has 128 confirmed bugs. ... Security Others Malware
Advanced Network Forensics Lab Lee [geek00l] Presentation TitlePresentation AbstractThis course teaches the participants the fundamentals of network-based forensics, such as analyzing ... Security Forensics
An Effective Methodology To Enable Security Evaluation At Rtl Level And Automate Vulnerability Detection In Future Hardware Mary Yeoh Presentation Title:Presentation Abstract:One of the major problems of the security evaluation is the dependencies on ... Security Analysis Development Testing
How To Build Your Own Password Cracker With A Disassembler And A Little Vm Magic Matthew Geiger Presentation Title:Presentation Abstract:The burgeoning popularity of full-disk and volume-based encryption is posing a swiftly growing ... Security Legal Forensics
Hacking Internet Kiosks Paul Craig Presentation Title:Presentation Abstract:Internet Kioskxe2u20acu2122s have become common place in todayxe2u20acu2122s internet centric society. Public internet ... Security Access Exploitation Browser
Client-Side Security Petko [pdp] Presentation Title:Presentation Details:Client-side software generally refers to a class of computer programs that are executed ... Security Web
Time For A Free Hardware Foundation? Roberto Preatoni Presentation Title:Presentation Abstract:We speculated long time ago, right here from the HITB conference, that the ... Security Cyberwar
Top 10 Web 2.0 Attacks Shreeraj Shah Presentation Title:Presentation Details:TBAAbout Shreeraj ShahShreeraj Shah, B.E., MSCS, MBA, is the founder of Blueinfy, a ... Security Web
Browser Exploits - A New Model For Browser Security Saumil Udayan Shah Presentation Title:Presentation Abstract:This presentation is in two parts: (a) Exploring the browser’s attack surface and ... Security Browser
How The Leopard Hides His Spots - Os X Anti-Forensics Techniques The Grugq Presentation Title:Presentation Abstract:Anti-Forensics is the buzzword within forensic circles, and yet there is very little ... Security Analysis Testing
Delivering Identity Management 2.0 By Leveraging Opss Thomas Varghese Presentation Title:Presentation Abstract:The identity management industry continues to expand with new products and capabilities, many ... Security Access