hitcon 2017 Dec. 7, 2017 to Dec. 8, 2017, taiwan,china

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Alan Lee , Tt N/A
Your Ideas are Worthless Michael Ossmann N/A
Critical Infrastructure Protection Policy and Strategy of Korea Mideum Kim N/A
LINE Security Bug Bounty: A Closer Look Raynold Sim N/A
Detecting the Intent, Not just the Technique: Changing the Mindset of Cyber Defense! Vadim Pogulievsky N/A
Building a Public RPZ Service to Protect the World’s Consumers John Bambenek N/A
Recent Cases of Cyber Terror from North Korea Myoungwon Lee N/A
From Zer0 to Persistence - A Complete Exploit Chain against Samsung Galaxy S6 Jeffxx N/A
Improving Cybersecurity through Non-Technical Exercises and In-House Strategic Analysis: View from the Czech Republic Michal Thim N/A
KRACK & ROCA Jiun-ming Chen , Jong-shian Wu N/A
Light Up The Korean DarkWeb Sunghee Lim , Hyeon Yu N/A
Open Source as Fuel of Recent APT Yoshihiro Ishikawa N/A
Adversarial Machine Learning and Several Counter-Measures Miaoski , Ch0upi N/A
Threat Hunting, The New Way Wj , In Ming Loh N/A
Cybersecurity Talent Development in NTT Group Mitsuhiro Hatada , Takehiro Ozaki N/A
All our Powers Combined: Connecting Academics, Engineers, and Hackers Yan Shoshitaishvili N/A
The Age of Broken ATMs Fyodor Yarochkin , Philippe Lin N/A
Are you visible? – TEPCO’s Challenge for “Visibility” on Security Management Hiroshi Taniguchi N/A
ICS/SCADA Cybersecurity and IT Cybersecurity: Comparing Apples and Oranges David Ong N/A
Respond Before Incident - Building Proactive Cyber Defense Capabilities Sung-ting Tsai , Chen-yu Dai N/A
Put Something on the Internet - Get Hacked Maor Shwartz N/A
The Key Recovery Attacks against Commercial White-box Cryptography Implementations Sanghwan Ahn N/A
Analyzing Bankbot, a Mobile Banking Botnet Fernando Diaz N/A
Analyze the Vulnerabilities of Data Storage System and How to Defense Dao Hung Chang N/A
How to Construct a Sustainable Vulnerability Management Program Howard Tsui N/A
Attacks on Mobile Networks: Evolving Hackers’ Techniques and Defenders’ Oversights Kirill Puzankov N/A
The Bald Knight Rises Suguru N/A
Cross-Platform Analysis of Indirect File Leaks in Android and iOS Applications Daoyuan Wu N/A