bsidesleeds 2018 Jan. 26, 2018 to Jan. 26, 2018, leeds,uk

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
opening remarks Mark C N/A
security 0auth 2.0 F Winterborn N/A
clustering of web attacks: a walk outside the lab Gilad Yehudai N/A
stories from the cybercrime battlefield Ian Trump N/A
performing javascript static analysis Lewis Ardern N/A
closing remarks Mark C N/A
keynote Jessica Barker , Freakyclown N/A
exploits in wetware Robert Sell N/A
ad threats &detection Harman N/A
bypassing crp on uC's Andrew Tierney N/A
night of the living dead pentest Rory Mccune N/A
prototyping and reverse engineering with frida Jay Harris N/A
hacker of all trades Andy Gill N/A
passive-ish recon techniques Tomnomnom N/A
plumbers vs. rockstars Vickyjo N/A
what is risk Chris Ratcliff N/A
soldier to cyber Phr33fall N/A
all you need is pi David Lodge N/A
how to run dynamic ctf's Thomas Shaw , Cliffe Schreuders N/A
how to win at remote social engineering Jamie Shaw , Neil Lines N/A