CryptoFinanceConfrence 2018 Jan. 17, 2018 to Jan. 19, 2018, st moritz, switzerland

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome address Tobias Reichmuth , Sigi Asprion N/A
Warm up: Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, ICO, and btw, what’s a Hard Fork? Julian Hosp N/A
The Future of Investing: A New Model for a New Asset Class Meltem Demirors N/A
Setting the scene: Investor podium on how to approach crypto investments Meltem Demirors , Bobby Lee , Daniel Gutenberg , Jennifer Zhu N/A
The New Economies of a Crypto World: Disrupting the Old Economy? Brian Kelly N/A
Keynote speech: The National Banks and Cryptocurrencies Aleksander Berentsen , Fabian Schär N/A
Crypto Currencies and Regulation. A Contradiction? Benjamin Bürgi N/A
Legal Environment for Crypto Investors Luka Müller-studer N/A
What really counts - ensuring sustainable success in crypto finance from a tax perspective Daniel Diemers , Frederik Gregaard , Günther Dobrauz N/A
Panel: Regulatory, Tax, and Legal: A Way Through the Jungle Marcus Ewald , Luka Müller , Luzius Meisser , Patrick Allemann N/A
Keynote speech: Nano: Winning in the War of Science against Disease with Crypto Economy – Steve Papermaster N/A
Keynote speech Johann N. Ammann-schneider N/A
The fully regulated Cryptocurency Fund Jan Brzezek N/A
Crypto Economy: Rational Investing Paul Savchuk N/A
VP, Development Meltem Demirors N/A
Blockchain Wealth Management: Transparency,Efficiency, Security Ruslan Gavrilyuk N/A
Escape Velocity Daniel Masters N/A
Why Pay 2 and 20? Crypto Investing When Beta Is Hard to Define Zach Hamilton N/A
The Variety of Crypto Asset Investments Available Now Timothy Enneking N/A
Star Wars & Cooking Stoves in Rwanda: A different take on crypto use case Jennifer Zhu Scott N/A
Fund presentation Vladimir Smerkis N/A
2008: A Crypto Odyssey Fabio Federici N/A
Crypto & Monetary Reset: What can we learn fromhistory? Evgeny Jason Xata N/A
Protos Crpytocurrency Asset Management Philipp Kallerhoff N/A
ICO 2.0: what’s in store for 2018, a global viewpoint – Emmie Chang N/A
Insights into cryptonomics Michael Marcovici N/A
Cold & Hot Storage - How to Store Cryptocurrencies Alain Kunz N/A
Motivational Speech: SIMPLICITY – Is the most complex Thing in our Times – Andres Indset N/A
Founder of BitcoinSuisse, presents his story Niklas Nikolajsen N/A
ICO Best Practices - Opening statement Marc Rogers , Johann Gevers N/A
SwissRealCoin - The Swiss Asset-Backed CryptoCurrency Brigitte Luginbühl N/A
STM Aircraft Private Aviation Virginie Clément N/A
Starbase - ICO Platform for innovative projects – by Tomoaki Sato N/A
Libra - Maturing and Scaling Your Crypto Investing Operations Jake Benson , Jeremy Drane N/A
Vrenelium AG - New approach to a sustainable and ecologically responsible 3rd Generation Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Daniel Affolter N/A
Cryptalgo Holdings, Crypto Currency Landscape -status and opportunitiess Francisco Porltillejo Hoyos N/A
Storecoin - Introducing Storecoin, a new public blockchain powering free transactions using Dynamic Proof of Stake (DyPoS) Chris Mccoy N/A
IPStock ICO: Tokenize Visual Content Copyrights Management Yuri Emelin N/A
SkyCell - Smart Containers: Using blockchain to disrupt the logistics industry Richard Ettl N/A
Saifu - One Account for All Currencies and Crypto Currencies: Easy, Secure & Regulated Evgeniy Vigovsky , Zachary Murray N/A
HOQU, Decentralized affiliate advertisement - Artem Chestnov N/A
TrustedHealth - Decentralised ecosystem in specialised medicine Greg Jarzabek , Philippe Schucht N/A
Proxeus brings blockchain compatibility to traditional companies by integrating a blockchain layer into existing enterprise systems Patrick Allemann N/A
WealthInitiative - Non-bankable asset tokenization Douglas Azar N/A
The Future: Outlook in a Crypto Finance World Bobby Lee N/A
Cryptocurrencies: Political impact & Government interactions John Micklethwait N/A
Melonport AG - Technology regulated investment funds Mona El Isa N/A
Smart Valor -Tokanization of assetsopportunities and challenges Olga Feldmeier N/A
Connecting the dots - Crypto Valley Labs and the rising stars of decentralisation Mathias Ruch N/A
Start-up presentation Zoe Adamovicz N/A
A blockchain platform to convert Time & Data into cryptocurrency - Eduard Gurinovich N/A
Etherisc & Decentralised Insurance Stephan Karpischek N/A
CureCoin - Enabling Innovation, Saving Lives, Creating Value Ross Doyle N/A
Bluenote: From Blockchain for Real Estate to a Zero-Emissions World Michiel Frackers N/A
Etheal - Improving the lives of 1 billion people by making healthcare more transparent Viktor Tabori N/A
MYDFS - How Blockchain can change daily fantasy sportsby Viktor Mangazeev , Vasiliy Leytman N/A
Block Collider - Freedom through Cryptography Patrick Schilz N/A - Startup Financing in the Distributed Economy Primoz Kordez N/A
Havven - Pricing issues in cryptoassets Kain Warwick N/A
Deon Digital - Ledger agnostic contract language and operating system for advanced distributed applications Florian Herzog N/A