enigma 2018 Jan. 16, 2018 to Jan. 18, 2018, santa clara,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Social Cybersecurity: Reshaping Security through an Empirical Understanding of Human Social Behavior Sauvik Das N/A
We Gave You This Internet, Now Play by Our Rules Gennie Gebhart , Bill Marczak N/A
Surfing the Motivation Wave to Create Security Behavior Change Masha Sedova N/A
Differential Privacy at Scale: Uber and Berkeley Collaboration Joe Near N/A
Privacy @ Instagram Carrie Jiang N/A
Gig Work and the Digital Security Divide Kendra Albert N/A
Going Nuclear: Programmatic Protections against Extreme Vetting, Social Pressures, and Coercion Cara Marie , Andy Grant N/A
Modern Mind Control: Public Opinion Manipulation in Our Online World Robert Mcardle N/A
The Web Tracking Arms Race: Past, Present, and Future Arvind Narayanan N/A
Insecurity in Information Technology Tanya Janca N/A
Compliance != Security (Except When It Might Be) Rob Clark N/A
LISA: A Practical Zero Trust Architecture Bryan Zimmer N/A
Being Creative, Securely Melody Hildebrandt N/A
What Would You Do With a Nation-State Cyber Army? Greg Conti N/A
Cyber Strategy: The Evolving Nature of Cyber Power and Coercion Brandon Valeriano N/A
Security Technology Adoption; Building Hardware Is Just the Start Paul Waller N/A
Anatomy of Account Takeover Grzegorz Milka N/A
Least Privilege: Security Gain without Developer Pain Travis Mcpeak N/A
The Future of Cyber-Autonomy David Brumley N/A
When Malware is Packin’ Heat Giovanni Vigna , Davide Balzarotti N/A
Combining the Power of Builders and Breakers Casey Ellis N/A
Hats off to DevSecOps Shannon Lietz N/A
Some Thoughts on Deep Learning and Infosec Jeremy Howard N/A
Public Perception of Algorithmic Fairness Allison Woodruff N/A
Protecting Financial Stability against Cyber Threats: Proposal for an International Agreement Tim Maurer N/A
The Great Cryptographic Divide Jason Truppi N/A
IoE, Connecting Regulation to Risk Travis Leblanc N/A
Hacking the Law: Are Bug Bounties a True Safe Harbor? Amit Elazari N/A
Emerging Cryptography Steve Weis N/A
Cryptographically Secure Data Analysis for Social Good Mayank Varia N/A
Crypto Crumple Zones: Protecting Encryption in a Time of Political Uncertainty Charles P. Wright N/A
The Evolving Architecture of the Web and Its Impact on Security, Privacy, and Latency Nick Sullivan N/A
Protecting Firefox Data with Content Signatures Julien Vehent N/A
The Impact of Third-party Code on Android App Security Erik Derr N/A
Developing a Science of Internet Censorship Resistance: Opportunities and Challenges for Network Measurement Phillipa Gill N/A
Bits & Bytes, Flesh & Blood, and Saving Real Lives via Clinical Simulations Joshua Corman N/A
Stranger Things: Who’s Listening When the Device Is Always On Emily Mcreynolds N/A
Rage against the Ghost in the Machine Lilly Ryan , Software Engineer N/A