RWC 2018 Jan. 10, 2018 to Jan. 10, 2018, zurich,switzerland

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
AWS key management service (KMS) : YouTube Shay Gueron , Matthew Campagna N/A
Achieving high availability in the internal Google key management system (KMS) : YouTube Anand Kanagala N/A
Mimblewimble and Scriptless Scripts : YouTube Andrew Poelstra N/A
ZCash: past, present and future : YouTube Ian Miers N/A
Zero knowledge, subversion-resistance, and concrete attacks : YouTube Rosario Gennaro , Steven Goldfeder , Matteo Campanelli , Luca Nizzardo N/A
Side channel attacks on implementations of Curve25519 : YouTube Daniel Genkin , Yuval Yarom N/A
The problem of private identification protocols : YouTube Ruxandra f. olimid , Stig F. Mjølsnes N/A
Sailing across the Side channel towards Confidential Computing Olya Ohrimenko N/A
Comparing the usability of cryptographic APIs : YouTube Yasemin Acar N/A
Is Certificate Transparency usable? : YouTube Emily Stark N/A
On the end-to-end security of group chats : YouTube Jörg Schwenk , Christian Mainka , Paul Rösler N/A
Privacy-preserving search of similar patients in genomic data : YouTube Shai Halevi , Yehuda Lindell , Gilad Asharov , Tal Rabin N/A
Post-quantum signatures : YouTube Melissa Chase N/A
Supersingular isogeny based cryptography gets practical : YouTube Patrick Longa N/A
UK Research Institute in Secure Hardware and Embedded Systems (RISE) : YouTube Maire O’neill N/A
Finding collisions for SHA-1 : YouTube Pierre Karpman N/A
An attack on the FF3 format preserving encryption : YouTube F. Betül Durak N/A
Spectre and Meltdown: Data leaks during speculative execution : YouTube J. Horn N/A
Geo manager : YouTube Nick Sullivan N/A
Reactive and proactive standardisation of TLS : YouTube Kenneth g. Paterson , Thyla Merwe N/A
TLS ecosystem woes : YouTube David Benjamin N/A
Can You Trust Your Encrypted Cloud? An Assessment of SpiderOakONE's Security : YouTube Claudio Orlandi , Anders Dalskov N/A
Secrets at Scale : YouTube Manish Mehta N/A
Scaling backend authentication at Facebook : YouTube Kevin Lewi , Stephen A. Weis , Callen Rain , Yueting Lee , Haozhi Xiong , Benjamin Yang N/A
The Noise protocol framework : YouTube Trevor Perrin N/A
Bloom filter encryption and applications to efficient forward-secret 0-RTT key exchange : YouTube Daniel Slamanig , Tibor Jager , Christoph Striecks , David Derler N/A
InterMAClib: beyond confidentiality and integrity in practice : YouTube Kenneth g. Paterson , Martin R. Albrecht , Torben Brandt Hansen N/A
Building and deploying encrypted search systems : YouTube Seny Kamara N/A
How to Reveal the Secrets of an Obscure White-Box Implementation. : YouTube Matthieu Rivain , Pascal Paillier , Junwei Wang , Louis Goubin N/A
YouTube Kristian Gjosteen N/A
An analysis of the NIST SP 800-90A DRBGs : YouTube Dan Shumow , Joanne Woodage N/A
Modern jets, retro ciphers: how monoalphabetic substitution ciphers are still in use : YouTube Matthew Smith , Vincent Lenders , Ivan Martinovic , Martin Strohmeier , Daniel Moser N/A
Quam Bene Non Quantum: identifying bias in a commercial quantum random number generator : YouTube Darren Hurley-smith , Julio Hernandez-castro N/A
Untagging Tor: a tale of onions, raccoons, and security definitions : YouTube Martijn Stam , Jean Paul Degabriele N/A
Verificatum : YouTube Douglas Wikstrom N/A
HACL* in Mozilla Firefox : YouTube Eric Rescorla , Karthikeyan Bhargavan , Franziskus Kiefer , Benjamin Beurdouche , Jonathan Protzenko , Tim Taubert , Martin Thomson , Jean-karim Zinzindohoue N/A