CyberPhoenixConclave 2018 Feb. 3, 2018 to Feb. 4, 2018, delhi,india

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Honoring Guests with Bouquet Lakshay Gupta N/A
Keynote Address Dinesh O Bareja , Rakshit Tandon , Gyan Vihar N/A
Solid State Forensics Santosh Khadsare N/A
Social Engineering Exploitation Attack Mohit Yadav N/A
Getting a Shell Through MS Office Velayutham Selvaraj N/A
Coding for Pen Testers Hitesh Chaudhary N/A
Cyber Law Puneet Bhasin N/A
Exploiting SS7 Protocol Vulnerability Sathya N/A
Code Injection Technique & Evolution Himanshu Khokhar N/A
Auth0 Shahbaz Alam N/A
IoT & Security Hand-in-Hand Manoj Chaudhary N/A
Extreme Web Exploitation Viral Parmar N/A
Cyber Forensics Deepak Kumar N/A
Blockchain Pankaj P Ghode N/A