devseccon 2018 Feb. 22, 2018 to Feb. 23, 2018, singapore,singapore

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Keynote: Insecurity in Information Technology Tanya Janca N/A
Maginot Line – 6 Common AppSec Anti-Patterns Preventing your Success Pete Chestna N/A
DevOps – An opportunity for better Security Richard Bussiere N/A
From zero to DevSecOps in 60 minutes Jerry Hargrove N/A
Is that robot really what it says it is? Securing automation and solving the Secret Zero problem. Jody Hunt N/A
Pushing left like a boss Tanya Janca N/A
System call auditing made effective with machine learning and selective reporting Ravi Honnavalli N/A
Opening Keynote: Lessons learned defending web applications in the age of DevOps/Cloud Zane Lackey N/A
*AST In CI/CD – how to make it WORK! Ofer Maor N/A
Securing your DevOps pipeline Cameron Townshend N/A
All-in-one security with open source tools Rupali Dash N/A
In graph we trust: Microservices, GraphQL and security challenges Imran Mohammed N/A
Closing Keynote: Measuring and maximizing vuln discovery efforts Mike Shema N/A