offensivecon 2018 Feb. 16, 2018 to Feb. 17, 2018, berlin,germany

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Remarks and Welcome Address Miguel Yusim N/A
Keynote Day 1 Rodrigo Rubira Branco N/A
Advancing the State of UEFI Bootkits: Persistence in the Age of PatchGuard and Windows 10 Alex Ionescu N/A
Field Report on a Zero-Day Machine Fabian "fabs" Yamaguchi , Niko Schmidt , Marco Bartoli N/A
The Smarts Behind Hacking Dumb Devices Maddie Stone N/A
Linux ASLR and GNU Libc: Address Space Layout Computing and Defence, and 'Stack Canary' Protection Bypass Ilya Smith N/A
Oh No, Where's FIDO? - A Journey into Novel Web-Technology and U2F Exploitation Michele Orru , Markus Vervier N/A
L'art de l'évasion: Modern VMWare Exploitation Techniques Brian Gorenc , Jasiel Spelman , Abdul-aziz Hariri N/A
Robin Hood vs Cisco ASA AnyConnect- Discovering and Exploiting a Vulnerability in your Firewall Cedric Halbronn N/A
Windows 10 RS2/RS3 GDI Data-Only Exploitation Tales Nick Sampanis N/A
Surprise Rant Jörn Joernchen N/A
From Assembly to Javascript and back: Turning Memory Corruption Errors into Code Execution with Client-Side Compilers Robert Gawlik N/A
Concolic Testing for Kernel Fuzzing and Vulnerability Discovery Vitaly Nikolenko N/A
New and Improved UMCI, Same Old Bugs James Forshaw N/A
Betraying the BIOS: Going Deeper into BIOS Guard Implementations Alex Matrosov N/A
The Evolution of CFI Attacks and Defenses Joe Bialek N/A
Dissecting QNX - Analyzing & Breaking QNX Exploit Mitigations and Secure Random Number Generators Ali Abbasi , Jos Wetzels N/A