owaspNewZealand 2018 Feb. 4, 2018 to Feb. 5, 2018, auckland,new zealand

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome to OWASP New Zealand Day 2018 Kirk Jackson , Lech Janczewski , Kim Carter , Nick Malcolm N/A
Fear Itself Laura Bell N/A
Offensive Defence Chris Berry N/A
Pizza Roulette Catherine Mcilvride , Fiona Sasse N/A
Auth* Infrastructure for Everyone Ryan Kurte , Kirk Holloway N/A
Guarding the Pot of Gold while the Rainbow gets bigger Sarah Bennett , Patricia Ramsden N/A
Bermudez - a honeypit designed to waste hacker's time Ian Welch , Kaishuo Yang N/A
Enough theory, how are websites getting hacked in real life? Declan Ingram N/A
Rails Derailed Tim Goddard N/A
Secure APIs: Road to Business Growth Anupama Natarajan N/A
Timing-Based Attacks in Web Applications Yappare N/A
Developer's guide to Deserialization Attacks Felix Shi N/A
IoT - How to fight the tyre fire Tom Isaacson N/A
Finding the path to #DevSecOps nirvana Olly N/A
Thinking like an Attacker (Hacking your own organisation) Nick Le Mouton N/A
When Shoestrings Snap Rory Shillington N/A
Evil Pickles: DoS Attacks Based on Object-Graph Engineering Jens Dietrich N/A
Enough with XSS, let's talk about something else? Karan Sharma N/A
Secure development in Go Dion Bramley N/A
Riding someone else’s wave with CSRF Sam Shute N/A
Secure Your Programming Future! David Pearce N/A
Operation Luigi: How I hacked my friend without her noticing Alex Hogue N/A
Handling Of A PCI Incident - PANs In The Database David Waters N/A