privacycon 2018 Feb. 28, 2018 to Feb. 28, 2018, washington,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome and Opening Remarks Maureen K. Ohlhausen N/A
I never signed up for this! Privacy implications of email tracking Steven Englehardt N/A
Detection of History-Leaking Browser Extensions Michael Weissbacher N/A
Some Recipes Can Do More than Spoil Your Appetite: Analyzing the Security and Privacy Risks of IFTTT Recipes Milijana Surbatovich N/A
Exfiltration of personal data by session-replay scripts Gunes Acar N/A
Auditing Data Brokers' Advertising Interfaces: Privacy Risks with Facebook's PII-based Targeting Alan Mislove N/A
Bug Fixes, Improvements, ... and Privacy Leaks: A Longitudinal Study of PII Leaks Across Android App Versions Jingjing Ren N/A
User Interactions and Permission Use on Android Kristopher Micinski N/A
Toys that Listen: A study of Parents, Children, and Internet-Connected Toys Emily Mcreynolds N/A
Privacy Expectations and Preferences in an IoT World Pardis Emami-naeini N/A
Privacy Violations in Crowd Work Yang Wang N/A
Incentivizing Firms to Protect Consumer Data: Can Reputation Play a (Bigger) Role? Ying Lei Toh N/A
Content Analysis of Cyber Insurance Policies: How do carriers price cyber risk? Sasha Romanosky N/A
Empirical Measurement of Perceived Privacy Risk Jaspreet Bhatia N/A
Is the Market for Digital Privacy a Failure? Caleb Fuller N/A
The Digital Privacy Paradox: Small Money, Small Costs, Small Talk Christian Catalini N/A
The Spyware Used in Intimate Partner Surveillance Periwinkle Doerfler N/A
Does this App Really Need My Location? Context-Aware Privacy Management for Smartphones Saksham Chitkara N/A
Getting a Pulse on Internet of Things Privacy: Privacy Ratings for Internet-Enabled Health and Medical Devices Ian Douglas N/A
Evaluation of the Privacy and Security Aspects of Connected Televisions Katie Mcinnis N/A
Assisting Users in a World Full of Cameras: A Privacy-aware Infrastructure for Computer Vision Applications Norman Sadeh N/A
Closing Remarks Neil Chilson N/A