BSidesSanDiego 2018 June 9, 2018 to June 9, 2018, San Diego, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Boost AWS security in 60 minutes Yashvier Kosaraju N/A
Thwart Content Injection using Content Security Policy Vibha Sethi N/A
The Intersection of IoT and OT Aaron Eppert N/A
Swarm Intelligence and Augmented Reality Pongolyn N/A
Does the Chief Information Security Officer improve Information Security Management Systems? Niko N/A
Building an Intel program: How a security guy got there... Tj Gallo N/A
Too Small to Fail: Securing Small and Medium Businesses Hudson Bush N/A
Bypassing Antivirus software with MSFVenom and Powershell payloads V3ga N/A
Common Phone Fraud Scams: How to Spot Them, How They Function, and How to Prevent Yourself From Becoming a Victim Ihadamonkey N/A
Did You Just Break My Auth Aditya Balapure N/A
Windows Defender Exploit Guard - Exploit Writer's Party Pooper Pavel Romashkin N/A
Catching a Tricky Fox: Tactics and Strategies of Sandbox Evasion in Modern Malware Maksim Shudrak N/A
Road to Offensive Security and Penetration Test in Corporate Environment Ugur Eminli N/A