1st USENIX Workshop on Large-Scale Exploits and Emergent Threats 2008 April 14, 2008 to April 14, 2008, San Francisco, USA
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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Remarks Fabian Monrose None Security
Attacker Behavior Niels Provos None Security
On The Spam Campaign Trail Kirill Levchenko , Chris Kanich , Geoffrey M. Voelker , Stefan Savage , Vern Paxson , Christian Kreibich , Brandon Enright None Security
Characterizing Botnets From Email Spam Records Helen J. Wang , J. D. Tygar , Li Zhuang , John Dunagan , Daniel R. Simon , Ivan Osipkov , Geoff Hulten None Security Botnets
Peeking Into Spammer Behavior From A Unique Vantage Point Abhinav Pathak , Y. Charlie Hu , Z. Morley Mao None Security
Behind Phishing: An Examination Of Phisher Modi Operandi Minaxi Gupta , D. Kevin Mcgrath None Security
New Threats And Related Challenges Moheeb Abu Rajab None Security
Designing And Implementing Malicious Hardware Samuel T. King , Yuanyuan Zhou , Joseph Tucek , Anthony Cozzie , Chris Grier , Weihang Jiang None Security
Catching Instant Messaging Worms With Change-Point Detection Techniques Guanhua Yan , Zhen Xiao , Stephan Eidenbenz None Security
Exploiting Machine Learning To Subvert Your Spam Filter J. D. Tygar , Blaine Nelson , Marco Barreno , Fuching Jack Chi , Anthony D. Joseph , Benjamin I.P. Rubinstein , Udam Saini , Charles Sutton , Kai Xia None Security
Measurements, Uncertainties, And Legal Issues David Dagon None Security Legal
Conducting Cybersecurity Research Legally And Ethically Aaron J. Burstein None Security
Measurements And Mitigation Of Peer-To-Peer-Based Botnets: A Case Study On Storm Worm Thorsten Holz , Felix C. Freiling , Moritz Steiner , Frederic Dahl , Ernst Biersack None Security
The Heisenbot Uncertainty Problem: Challenges In Separating Bots From Chaff Kirill Levchenko , Chris Kanich , Geoffrey M. Voelker , Brandon Enright , Stefan Savage None Security