SGCRC 2018 March 28, 2018 to March 28, 2018, Singapore, Singapore

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Address of the Guest of Honour by Chief Executive at Government Technology Agency (GovTech) Ms. Jacqueline Poh N/A
Security on IoT: IP Cameras Prof. Yuval Elovici N/A
Agency Talk 1 - Cybersecurity - Enabling Trust and Digital Future Mr. Lim N/A
Agency Talk 2 - Cybersecurity challenges in ITS Mr. Huang N/A
Agengy Talk 3 - Security Opportunities for a Smart Nation Dr. Lua N/A
Cyber Security Consortium Talk Dr. Vivy Suhendra N/A
NCL: Facilitating Cybersecurity Experimentation as a Community Prof. Liang Zhenkai N/A
Project - Securify: A Compositional Approach of Building Security Verified System Prof. Liu Yang N/A
Project - Trustworthy Systems from Un-Trusted Components Prof. Roychoudhury Abhik N/A
Project - A Cyber-Physical Approach to Securing Urban Transportation Systems Prof. Zhou Jianying N/A
Project - Cyber Forensics and Intelligence (Intelligence for securing ITS) Prof. Dai Zhongmin N/A
Project - SUTD-ASPIRE: Design of Secure Cyber Physical Systems (applications for design of ITS) Prof. Mathur Aditya N/A
Project - Secure Mobile Centre - Technologies and solutions for securing mobile computing Prof. Debin Gao N/A
Panel Discussion: Relevance of NRF Funded R&D for Secure Intelligent Transport Systems Kwok-yan Lam , Yilin Mo , Prof. Colin Robertson , Shao Fei Huang , Mathur Aditya N/A
System Security Research: From Discovery to Innovation Prof. University) N/A
Industry Talk 1: Desay's Cyber Security Initiative on Autonomous Vehicles Development Mr. Ewe N/A
Academic talk 1: Verification and Beyond: 10 Years in the story of seL4 Dr. Thomas Sewell N/A
Academic talk 2: Intersecting Landscapes: Privacy, Security, and AI Prof. Anil Bharath N/A
Building Systems Fast: When Security meets Reality Ralf Huuck N/A
Panel Discussion: Verification & Vulnerability Analysis Xiaofeng Wang , Robert h. Deng , Cho Chia Yuan , Gil Gilad , Thomas Huuck N/A