FSE2018 2018 March 5, 2018 to March 5, 2018, Bruges, Belgium

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
A Security Analysis of Deoxys and its Internal Tweakable Block Ciphers Carlos Cid , Yu Sasaki , Tao Huang , Thomas Peyrin , Ling Song N/A
Accurate Estimate of the Advantage of Impossible Differential Attacks Céline Blondeau N/A
Analysis and Improvement of Entropy Estimators in NIST SP 800-90B for Non-IID Entropy Sources Shuangyizhu N/A
Asymptotic Analysis of Plausible Tree HashModes for SHA-3 Kevin Bonnecaze N/A
Boolean functions with restricted input and theirrobustness; application to the FLIP cipher Claude Carlet , Yann Rotella , Pierrick Méaux N/A
Column Parity Mixers Ko Daemen N/A
Cryptanalysis of 48-step RIPEMD-160 Gaoli Wang , Fukang Liu , Yanzhao Shen N/A
Cryptanalysis of PMACx, PMAC2x,and SIVx Tetsu Iwata , Kazuhiko Minematsu N/A
Differentially 4-Uniform Permutations with the Best Known Nonlinearity from Butterflies Shihui Fu , Xiutao Wu N/A
Direct Construction of Optimal Rotational-XOR Diffusion Primitives Wenling Wu , Dongdai Lin , Zhiyuan Guo , Renzhang Liu , Si Gao N/A
Distinguishing Attack on NORX Permutation Tao Huang N/A
Efficient Length Doubling From Tweakable Block Ciphers Bart Preneel , Bart Mennink , Atul Luykx , Yu Long Chen N/A
Farfalle: parallel permutation-based cryptography Guido Bertoni , Joan Daemen , Michaël Peeters , Gilles Van Assche , Seth Hoffert , Ronny Van Keer N/A
Fast Correlation Attacks on Grain-like Small State Stream Ciphers Bin Zhang , Xinxin Meier N/A
Frequency-smoothing encryption Preventing snapshot attacks on deterministically encrypted data Marie-sarah Paterson N/A
Grøstl512 Distinguishing Attack: A New Rebound Attack of an AES-like Permutation Victor Cauchois , Clement Gomez , Reynald Lercier N/A
Human-readable Proof of the Related-Key Security of AES-128 Thomas Peyrin , Khoongming Khoo , Siang Meng Sim , Eugene Lee N/A
On Breaking SHA-1 Marc Stevens N/A
Key-Recovery Attacks on Full Kravatte Henri Gilbert , Jian Guo , Thomas Fuhr , Jeremy Jean , Jean-rené Reinhard , Ling Song , Colin Chaigneau N/A
MILP Modeling for (Large) S-boxes to Optimize Probability of Differential Characteristics Yu Sasaki , Yosuke Todo , Ahmed Abdelkhalek , Mohamed Tolba , And Youssef N/A
Modes of operations for computing on encrypted data N.p. Smart , Dragos Rotaru , And Martijn Stam N/A
Multivariate Profiling of Hulls for Linear Cryptanalysis Andrey Bogdanov , Elmar Tischhauser , Philip S. Vejre N/A
New Constructions of MACs from (Tweakable) Block Ciphers Yannick Seurin , Jooyoung Lee , Benoît Cogliati N/A
On Efficient Constructions of Lightweight MDS Matrices Lijingzhou , Licheng Sun N/A
On Leakage-Resilient Authenticated Encryption with Decryption Leakages Thomas Peters , Olivier Pereira , Francesco Berti , Fraņcois-xavier Standaert N/A
On the Generalization of Butterfly Structure Yongqiang Lia , Shizhu Tiana , Yuyin Wanga N/A
Optimal PRFs from Blockcipher Designs Bart Neves N/A
Optimizing Implementations of Lightweight Building Blocks Thomas Peyrin , Jeremy Jean , Siang Meng Sim , Jade Tourteaux N/A
Practical Evaluation of FSE 2016 Customized Encoding Countermeasure Thomas Peyrin , Shivam Bhasin , Dirmanto Jap N/A
Preimage Attacks on the Round-reduced KECCAK with Cross-linear Structures Yao Sun N/A
Reconsidering the Security Bound of AES-GCM-SIV Tetsu Seurin N/A
Refined Probability of Differential Characteristics Including Dependency Between Multiple Rounds Yu Sasaki , Anne Canteaut , Marc Stevens , Samuel Neves , Eran Lambooij , Shahram Rasoolzadeh N/A
Revisiting and Improving Algorithms for the 3XOR Problem Pierre-alain Fouque , Charles Bouillaguet , Claire Delaplace N/A
Revisiting Variable Output Length XOR Pseudorandom Function N/a N/A
Rotational-XOR Cryptanalysis of Reduced-round SPECK Tomer Ashur , Yunwen Liu , Glenn De Witte , Adrían Ranea N/A
Rump Session FSE2018 N/a N/A
Searching for Subspace Trails and Truncated Differentials Gregor Leander , Cihangir Teczan , And Friedrich Wiemer N/A
Cryptanalysis of Round Reduced SKINNY under Related-Tweakey Settings Ling Song , Guozhen Liu , Mohona Ghosh N/A
Security of Even-Mansour Ciphers under Key-dependent Messages Pooya Farshim , Damien Vergnaud , Louiza Khati N/A
Short Non-Malleable Codes from Related-Key Secure Block Ciphers Bart Mennink , Pierre Karpman , Serge Fehr N/A
Shorter Linear Straight-Line Programs for MDS Matrices Yet another XOR Count Paper Gregor Leander , Thorsten Kranz , Ko Stoffelen , Friedrich Wiemer N/A
Single Key Variant of PMAC Plus Liting Zhang , Goutam Paul , Mridul Nandi , Nilanjan Datta , Avijit Dutta N/A
SoK: Functional Graphs and Their Applications in Generic Attacks on Iterated Hash Constructions Lei Wang , Jian Guo , Zhenzhen Bao N/A
Some cryptanalytic results on Lizard Takanori Isobe , Jian Guo , Subhadeep Banik , Tingting Cui N/A
State-Recovery Attacks on Modified Ketje Thomas Fuhr , María Naya-plasencia , Yann Rotella N/A
The Rump Session PC report Joan Karpman N/A
Tight Security Analysis of EHtM MAC Avijit Dutta , Ashwin Nandi N/A
Turning Online Ciphers Off Elena Andreeva , Mridul Nandi , Ritam Bhaumik , Guy Barwell , Daniel Stam N/A
Tweakable Blockciphers for Efficient Authenticated Encryptions with Beyond the Birthday-Bound Security Yusuke Naito N/A
Understanding RUP Integrity of COLM Atul Luykx , Nilanjan Datta , Bart Nandi N/A
ZMAC+ – An Efficient Variable-output-length Variant ofZMAC Eik List , Mridul Nandi N/A