BsidesGlasgow 2018 April 27, 2018 to April 27, 2018, Glasgow, Scotland

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Keynote Paul Midian N/A
Can We Be Mature About This? Jordan Schroeder N/A
Internet of Death: Chapter 1 - Modern Murder Andy Higgins N/A
The Current and Future Risks of Crypto Currencies and Blockchain Methods Bill Buchanan N/A
Soldier to Cyber Phil Kimpton N/A
Robot codebreakers and hunting Nazis: machine learning & infosec Liz Bell N/A
A Beginner's Paradise Andrew Scott N/A
Diversity In InfoSec (not that sort!) Vicky Walberg N/A
Helping developers to Replicate findings Paul Johnston N/A
If The Kids Are United, Will They Ever Work In Cyber Dan Raywood N/A
I Wrote my Own Ransomware; did not make 1 iota of a bitcoin Thomas Fischer N/A
The Insider Neil Lines N/A
Hacking with Git Paul Ritchie N/A
Code Readout Protection Bypass… for dildos Ken Munro N/A
Cracking mainframe passwords Nigel Pentland N/A
Closing Keynote Dr Jessica Barker N/A