2nd USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Security 2007 Aug. 6, 2007 to Aug. 10, 2007, Boston, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Transaction Generators: Root Kits For Web Dan Boneh , Collin Jackson , John C Mitchell None Security
Delegating Responsibility In Digital Systems: Horton'S Who Done It? Mark S. Miller , James E. Donnelley , Alan H. Karp None Security
Quantifying The Strength Of Security Systems David Lie , M. Satyanarayanan None Security
Towards Application-Aware Anonymous Routing Matt Blaze , Micah Sherr , Boon Thau Loo None Security
Rethinking Antivirus: Executable Analysis In The Network Cloud Jon Oberheide , Evan Cooke , Farnam Jahanian None Security
Turtles All The Way Down: Research Challenges In User-Based Attestation Adrian Perrig , Jonathan M. Mccune , Arvind Seshadri None Security
Securing Network Input Via A Trusted Input Proxy Kevin Borders , Atul Prakash None Security
Self-Signed Executables: Restricting Replacement Of Program Binaries By Malware P.c. van Oorschot , Glenn Wurster None Security
The Strengths Of Weaker Identities: Opportunistic Personas Vern Paxson , Christian Kreibich , Nicholas Weaver , Robin Sommer , Mark Allman None Security