EuroCryptTelAviv 2018 April 29, 2018 to April 29, 2018, Tel Aviv, Israel

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
On the Bit Security of Cryptographic Primitives Daniele Micciancio , Michael Walter N/A
On the Gold Standard for Security of Universal Steganography Sebastian Berndt , Maciej Liśkiewicz N/A
Memory Lower Bounds of Reductions Revisited Takahiro Matsuda , Goichiro Hanaoka , Yuyu Wang , Keisuke Tanaka N/A
Fiat-Shamir and Correlation Intractability from Strong KDM-Secure Encryption Ran Canetti , Leonid Reyzin , Yilei Chen , Ron D. Rothblum N/A
Shortest Vector from Lattice Sieving: a Few Dimensions for Free Leo Ducas N/A
On the Ring-LWE and Polynomial-LWE problems Damien Stehlé , Miruna Rosca , Alexandre Wallet N/A
Faster Gaussian Sampling for Trapdoor Lattices with Arbitrary Modulus Daniele Micciancio , Nicholas Genise N/A
Short, Invertible Elements in Partially Splitting Cyclotomic Rings and Applications to Lattice-Based Zero-Knowledge Proofs Vadim Lyubashevsky , Gregor Seiler N/A
Random Oracles and Non-Uniformity Sandro Coretti , Yevgeniy Dodis , John P. Steinberger , Siyao Guo N/A
Another Step Towards Realizing Random Oracles: Non-Malleable Point Obfuscation Ilan Komargodski , Eylon Yogev N/A
The Wonderful World of Global Random Oracles Gregory Neven , Jan Camenisch , Tommaso Gagliardoni , Anja Lehmann , Manu Drijvers N/A
Homomorphic Lower Digits Removal and Improved FHE Bootstrapping Hao Chen , Kyoohyung Han N/A
Homomorphic SIM²D Operations: Single Instruction Much More Data Frederik Vercauteren , Wouter Castryck , Ilia Iliashenko N/A
Bootstrapping for Approximate Homomorphic Encryption Jung Hee Cheon , Kyoohyung Han , Andrey Kim , Miran Kim , Yongsoo Song N/A
Desperately Seeking Sboxes Anne Canteaut N/A
An Improved Affine Equivalence Algorithm for Random Permutations Itai Dinur N/A
Unbounded ABE via Bilinear Entropy Expansion, Revisited Jie Chen , Hoeteck Wee , Junqing Gong , Lucas Kowalczyk N/A
Anonymous IBE, Leakage Resilience and Circular Security from New Assumptions Gil Segev , Vinod Vaikuntanathan , Zvika Brakerski , Alex Lombardi N/A
Optimal Forgeries Against Polynomial-Based MACs and GCM Bart Preneel , Atul Luykx N/A
Revisiting AES-GCM-SIV: Multi-user Security, Faster Key Derivation, and Better Bounds Priyanka Bose , Viet Tung , Hoang Stefano Tessaro N/A
Towards Breaking the Exponential Barrier for General Secret Sharing Vinod Vaikuntanathan , Hoeteck Wee , Tianren Liu N/A
Improving the Linear Programming Technique in the Search for Lower Bounds in Secret Sharing Oriol Farràs , Tarik Kaced , Carles Padró , Sebastià Martín N/A
Thunderella: Blockchains with Optimistic Instant Confirmation Elaine Shi , Rafael Pass N/A
But Why Does it Work? A Rational Protocol Design Treatment of Bitcoin Juan A. Garay , Ueli Maurer , Daniel Tschudi , Vassilis Zikas , Christian Badertscher N/A
Multi-Collision Resistant Hash Functions and their Applications Multi-Collision Resistant Hash Functions and their Applications Akshay Degwekar , Prashant Nalini Vasudevan , Ron D. Rothblum , Itay Berman N/A
Collision Resistant Hashing for Paranoids: Dealing with Multiple Collisions Moni Naor , Ilan Komargodski , Eylon Yogev N/A
Ouroboros Praos: An adaptively-secure, semi-synchronous proof-of-stake blockchain Aggelos Kiayias , Bernardo David , Peter Gazi , Alexander Russell N/A
Sustained Space Complexity Krzysztof Pietrzak , Jeremiah Blocki , Joel Alwen N/A
Synchronized Aggregate Signatures from the RSA Assumption Brent Waters , Susan Hohenberger N/A
More Efficient (Almost) Tightly Secure Structure-Preserving Signatures Dennis Hofheinz , Jiaxin Pan , Romain Gay , Lisa Kohl N/A
The Communication Complexity of Private Simultaneous Messages, Revisited Benny Applebaum , Thomas Holenstein , Manoj Mishra , Ofer Shayevitz N/A
The Complexity of Multiparty PSM Protocols and Related Models Amos Beimel , Eyal Kushilevitz , Pnina Nissim N/A
Formal Verification of Masked Hardware Implementations in the Presence of Glitches Johannes Winter , Stefan Mangard , Roderick Bloem , Hannes Gross , Rinat Iusupov , Bettina Könighofer N/A
Masking the GLP Lattice-Based Signature Scheme at Any Order Pierre-alain Fouque , Sonia Belaid , Gilles Barthe , Benjamin Grégoire , Thomas Espitau , Mélissa Rossi , Mehdi N/A
Masking Proofs are Tight, and How to Exploit it in Security Evaluations Francois-xavier Standaert , Vincent Grosso N/A
The Discrete-Logarithm Problem with Preprocessing Henry Corrigan-gibbs , Dmitry Kogan N/A
Simple Proofs of Sequential Work Bram Cohen , Krzysztof Pietrzak N/A
Two-Round Multiparty Secure Computation from Minimal Assumptions Sanjam Garg , Akshayaram Srinivasan N/A
k-Round Multiparty Computation from k-Round Oblivious Transfer via Garbled Interactive Circuits Huijia Lin , Fabrice Benhamouda N/A
Adaptively Secure Garbling with Near Optimal Online Complexity Sanjam Garg , Akshayaram Srinivasan N/A
A New Approach to Black-Box Concurrent Secure Computation Sanjam Garg , Omkant Pandey , Susumu Kiyoshima N/A
Boomerang Connectivity Table: A New Cryptanalysis Tool Carlos Cid , Yu Sasaki , Tao Huang , Thomas Peyrin , Ling Song N/A
Correlation Cube Attacks: From Weak-Key Distinguisher to Key Recovery Dongdai Lin , Meicheng Liu , Jingchun Yang , Wenhao Wang N/A
Obfustopia Built on Secret-Key Functional Encryption Ryo Nishimaki , Fuyuki Kitagawa , Keisuke Tanaka N/A
Limits on Low-Degree Pseudorandom Generators (Or: Sum-of-Squares Meets Program Obfuscation) Boaz Barak , Ilan Komargodski , Zvika Brakerski , Pravesh K. Kothari N/A
The Missing Difference Problem, and its Applications to Counter Mode Encryption Gaetan Leurent , Ferdinand Sibleyras N/A
Fast Near Collision Attack on the Grain v1 Stream Cipher Bin Zhang , Willi Meier , Chao Xu N/A
On the Existence of Three Round Zero-Knowledge Proofs Abhishek Jain , Nils Fleischhacker , Vipul Goyal N/A
Statistical Witness Indistinguishability (and more) in Two Messages Yael Tauman , Kalai Dakshita , Khurana Amit Sahai N/A
An Efficiency-Preserving Transformation from Honest-Verifier Statistical Zero-Knowledge to Statistical Zero-Knowledge Alon Rosen , Pavel Hubáček , Margarita Vald N/A
Efficient Maliciously Secure Multiparty Computation for RAM Marcel Keller , Avishay Yanai N/A
Efficient Circuit-based PSI via Cuckoo Hashing Benny Pinkas , Thomas Schneider , Udi Wieder , Christian Weinert N/A
Overdrive: Making SPDZ Great Again Valerio Pastro , Dragos Rotaru , Marcel Keller N/A
Thirty Years of Digital Currency: From DigiCash to the Blockchain Matthew Green N/A
Efficient Designated-Verifier Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge Proofs of Knowledge Geoffroy Couteau , Pyrros Chaidos N/A
Quasi-Optimal SNARGs via Linear Multi-Prover Interactive Proofs Dan Boneh , Amit Sahai , Yuval Ishai , David J. Wu N/A
Untagging Tor: A Formal Treatment of Onion Encryption Martijn Stam , Jean Paul Degabriele N/A
Exploring the Boundaries of Topology Hiding Computation Tal Malkin , Tal Moran , Elette Boyle , Marshall Ball N/A
Supersingular Isogeny Graphs and Endomorphism Rings: Reductions and Solutions Christophe Petit , Kristin Lauter , Kirsten Eisenträger , Sean Hallgren , Travis Morrison N/A
On the Complexity of Simulating Auxiliary Input Kai-min Chung , Yi-hsiu Chen , Jyun-jie Liao N/A
Fuzzy Password-Authenticated Key Exchange David Pointcheval , Leonid Reyzin , Julia Hesse , Sophia Yakoubov , Pierre-alain Dupont N/A
Bloom Filter Encryption and Applications to Efficient Forward-Secret 0-RTT Key Exchange Daniel Slamanig , Tibor Jager , Christoph Striecks , David Derler N/A
OPAQUE: An Asymmetric PAKE Protocol Secure Against Pre-Computation Attacks Stanislaw Jarecki , Hugo Krawczyk , Jiayu Xu N/A
Unforgeable Quantum Encryption Tommaso Gagliardoni , Gorjan Alagic , Christian Majenz N/A
Tightly-Secure Key-Encapsulation Mechanism in the Quantum Random Oracle Model Keita Xagawa , Takashi Yamakawa , Tsunekazu Saito N/A
A Concrete Treatment of Fiat-Shamir Signatures in the Quantum Random-Oracle Model Eike Kiltz , Vadim Lyubashevsky , Christian Schaffner N/A
Non-malleable Randomness Encoders and their Applications Sai Lakshmi , Bhavana Kanukurthi , Bhavana Obbattu , Sruthi Sekar N/A
Non-malleable Codes from Average-Case Hardness: AC0 , Decision Trees, and Streaming Space-Bounded Tampering Dana Dachman-soled , Tal Malkin , Marshall Ball , Mukul Kulkarni N/A
Naor-Reingold Goes Public: The Complexity of Known-key Security Stefano Tessaro , Pratik Soni N/A
Updatable Encryption with Post-Compromise Security Anja Lehmann , Björn Tackmann N/A