Paraonoia2018 2018 May 29, 2018 to May 30, 2018, Oslo, Norway

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Fighting Cybercrime in a Data-centric World Rob Wainwright N/A
Agile Security and Orchestrated Response Bruce Schneier N/A
Solving everyday challenges with end-to-end encryption ... Geir Bækholt N/A
Digital Agenda for Norway: Digitisation of public services - Benefits and security challenges Paul Chaffey N/A
Threat Hunting Jared Winchester N/A
Ransomware and the Dark Net Yara Bayoumy N/A
Best Practice Security Operations Center Frode Hommedal N/A
Cyber Security – threats and possibilities in a digital world Håkan Bushke N/A
This is Just The Beginning Mikko Hypponen N/A
Ethical hacking Fc Clown N/A
Digital transformasjon og Cybersikkerhet Kristine Beitland N/A
Endpoint vs Cloud: Forensicating cyber threats in two parallel worlds. Abhinav Singh N/A
Cyber Range as an Educational Platform Basel Katts N/A
Visma’s Practical Implementation of a Security program ... Espen Agnalt Johansen N/A
Applying Artificial Intelligence for a New Age of Risk and Compliance. Dr. Hans-peter Güllich N/A
Professionally Paranoid in 2018 Jaya Baloo N/A
VMWare Exploration Techniques Brian Hariri N/A
The Future Impact of AI in Cyber-Crime Dave Palmer N/A
Hacker Privilege: Securing Corporations one Dirty Look at a Time Pete Herzog N/A
Securing Encrypted Traffic on a Global Scale Andre Lambertsen N/A
Security Awareness Dr. Jessica Barker N/A