KasperskySASCancun 2018 March 7, 2018 to March 11, 2018, Cancun, Mexico

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
A Brief History of Disinformation, and What to Do About It Matt Tait N/A
Dark Caracal part I: Introducing Dark Caracal Cooper Quintin , Mike Flossman N/A
Dark Caracal part II: Where in the world is Dark Caracal? Eva Galperin N/A
10 Years of Being GReAT Vitaly Kamluk , Costin Raiu N/A
Surprise keynote N/a N/A
Supply-chain and Corporate Espionage: Attacking the Masses to Target the Few Martin Hron N/A
All Your Cloud Are Belong To Us – Hunting Compromise in Azure Nate Warfield N/A
How to Become a Dark Market Admin? Marinus Boekelo , Gert Ras N/A
The Criminal Hall of Shame Peter Kruse , Jan Kaastrup N/A
Conversations with Guccifer 2.0: What I Learned About Election Influence Operations John Bambenek N/A
Cryptocurrency Enabled Crime Jonathan Levin N/A
Hacking Cars for Fun and Profit - A Walkthrough of Car Vulns and the State of the Auto Industry Marc Rogers N/A
The Hardware Pivot Joe Fitzpatrick N/A
The Infinite Loop of Information Security in China Christopher Ahlberg N/A
Goodfellas, the Brazilian Carding Scene Is After You Santiago Pontiroli , Thiago Marques N/A
How to Save the Industrial World. OPC UA Vulnerability Research Sergey Temnikov , Pavel Cheremushkin N/A
Territorial Dispute: A Peek into NSA's Knowledge of APT Attacks of Others Boldizsár Bencsáth N/A
CrySyS Lab It’s a Small World After All: The Evolution of Small POS RAM Scrapers Matt Bromiley , Courtney Dayter N/A
SCADA Intellectual Property: a Red Teaming mission Matteo Beccaro N/A
New Sophisticated Targeted Cyber Espionage Framework: Back to Kernel Alexey Shulmin , Sergey Yunakovsky N/A Stopping the Fireball - How We Took Down a Global Threat Operation, Step by ...
TRITON: The attack path to ICS safety systems Marina Krotofil , Dan Caban N/A
The Chaos & Malicious Dragon behind the Clouds Sung-ting Tsai , Steve Su N/A
Team T5 Miners on the Rise Anton Ivanov , Evgeny Lopatin N/A
How {Goilbarco Veeder} Root a Gas Station Amihai Neiderman , Ido Naor N/A
APT Street Creds: How Modern Credential Theft Goes Horribly Wrong Michael Matonis N/A
Android Anti-RE Choosing a Different Path Łukasz Siewierski N/A
Hey! I’m Spying on YOU! – How We’ve Found a Backdoor in Popular Smart-cam Vladimir Dashchenko , Andrey Muravitsky N/A
Masha and These Bears Kurt Baumgartner N/A
9Tail: Proactive Security Assessment Rob Ragan , Oscar Salazar N/A
Things Attack: Peek into a 18 Months IoT Honeypot Tan Kean Siong N/A
Surprise Supplies! Paul Rascagneres , Warren Mercer N/A
Alphathreat Soup: Burning Threat Actors with Data Brandon Dixon , Brian Candlish N/A Telstra Time of Death? A Therapeutic Postmortem for Medical Infrastructure Denis Makrushin, Yury NamestnikovN/AN/AN/A
Finding a Monster by Its Shadow Noushin Shabab N/A
Privacy Preservation in DNS Analytics Paul A. Vixie N/A
Yet Another Useful Blockchain Application for Security Andrey Nikishin N/A
The Rise of Middle East - Blue vs Red Muks Hirani N/A
AI & ML in Cyber Security - Why Algorithms Are Dangerous Raffael Marty N/A
Smart Car Forensics and Vehicle Weaponization Stefan Tanase , Gabriel Cirlig N/A
Weaponizing the Internet: Malware and State-Sponsored Attacks Jay Rosenberg N/A Let Me Yara That for You Dan DemeterN/AN/AN/A
Modern Yacht Hacking Stephan Gerling N/A
The Limits of Threat Intelligence: Omens Forecasting the End of Threat Hunting as We Know It Vicente Aguilera Díaz N/A
Is IPv6 Killing Your Privacy? Paul Alderson N/A The Voice of Esau: Hacking Enterprises Through Voice Interfaces Tal Be’ery, Amichai ShulmanN/AN/AN/A
APT15 Is Alive and Strong Ahmed Zaki N/A
How to Hide Your Browser 0-days Zoltan Balazs N/A
Robots threats are challenging our safety Cesar Cerrudo , Lucas Apa N/A
The Underground Invasion Tunnel: State-Sponsored Cyber Miners Recent Status Kyoung-ju Kwak N/A
Stopping Macro Malware in Its Tracks Giulia Biagini N/A
Hack Your Robot Dewan Chowdhury N/A
Exploring New Depths of Threat Hunting...or How to Write ARM Shellcode in Six Minutes Maria Markstedter N/A
Fighting RTF Obfuscation Vladislav Stolyarov N/A Digital Vengeance: Exploiting Notorious C&C Toolkits Waylon GrangeN/AN/AN/A IsraBye - The First Anti-Israeli Wiper ...