4th USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Security 2009 Aug. 10, 2009 to Aug. 14, 2009, Montreal, Canada

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Using Social Factors In Digital Rights Management Bader Ali , Muthucumaru Maheswaran None Security
Facetrust: Assessing The Credibility Of Online Personas Via Social Networks Michael Sirivianos , Kyungbaek Kim , Xiaowei Yang None Security
How To Print A Secret Jeremy Clark , Urs Hengartner , Aleks Essex , Carlisle Adams None Security
Mitibox: Camouflage And Deception For Network Scan Mitigation Erwan Le Malècot None Security
Span: A Unified Framework And Toolkit For Querying Heterogeneous Access Policies Atul Prakash , Swati Gupta , Kristen Lefevre None Security
Pre-Patched Software Rob Johnson , Jianing Guo , Jun Yuan None Security
Authentication Technologies For The Blind Or Visually Impaired Nitesh Saxena , James H. Watt None Security
Towards Trustworthy Participatory Sensing Akshay Dua , Nirupama Bulusu , Wu-chang Feng , Wen Hu None Security
Implicit Authentication For Mobile Devices Markus Jakobsson , Philippe Golle , Elaine Shi , Richard Chow None Security
Garm: Cross Application Data Provenance And Policy Enforcement Brian Demsky None Security
Convergence Of Desktop And Web Applications On A Multi-Service Os Helen J. Wang , Alexander Moshchuk , Alan Bush None Security