AfricaHackonNairobi 2018 June 26, 2018 to June 27, 2018, Nairobi, Kenya

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Guest Speaker Thibaud Rerolle N/A
Bug Bounty Alfred Njeru N/A
Launching Safaricom Bug Bounty Program Antony Gacanja N/A
Plenary Michael Mbuthia , Muchemi Wambugu , Carol Murianki , Antony Gachanja , Beverly Omusala , Leonard Munyua , Edith Kipsang , Desmond Israel N/A
Should you be worried about fraud? Eric Mugo N/A
Program Analysis on Smart Contracts Jp Smith N/A
Fuzzing and Exploitation of Blind SQLi on non-viewable web elements. John Ombagi N/A
A Walk With Shannon: A walkthrough of a PWN2OWN Baseband exploit Amat Cama N/A
Reversing the Octagon: Next-Gen Windows Security Alex Ionescu , Dave Weston N/A
Threat Detection using Real-time Security Operation Rakesh Ngari N/A
Utilization of TV white space technology for IoT connectivity. Leonard Mabele N/A
Fingerprinting the Kenyan public internet Jimmy Wayans N/A
The Baseband Basics: Understanding, Debugging and Pwning the Mediatek Communication Processor Nitay Artenstein , Charles Muiruri , Anna Dorfmann N/A
The making of the AfricaHackOn 2018 Electronic Conference Badge Chrispus Kamau , Kelvin Mbogo , Laura Tich , Peter Numi N/A