BSidesCleveland 2018 June 23, 2018 to June 23, 2018, Cleveland, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Chris Gates , Amanda Berlin N/A
"Active Defense - Helping threat actors hack themselves!" Matt Scheurer N/A
"Reflective PE Unloading" Spencer Mcintyre N/A
"One Puzzle Piece at a Time: Logging Quick Wins" Celeste Hall N/A
"Using Technology to Defend Digital Privacy & Human Rights" Tom Eston N/A
"Code Execution with JDK Scripting Tools & Nashorn Javascript Engine" Brett Hawkins N/A
“Abandoned Spaces: Reconstructing APT Campaigns From Lapsed Domains” Daniel Nagy N/A
Lightning Talks N/a N/A
What's Changed In The New OWASP Top 10? Bill Sempf N/A
"Raindance: Raining Recon from the Microsoft Cloud" Michael Stringer N/A
"Tools and Procedures for Securing .Net Applications" Sam Nasr N/A
"Hacking Identity: A Pen Tester's Guide to IAM" Jerod Brennen N/A
"Phishing Forensics - Is it just suspicious or is it malicious?" Matt Scheurer N/A
"Securing Code - The Basics" Michael Mendez N/A
"The Marriage of Threat Intelligence and Incident Response or... Threat Hunting for the Rest of Us" Jamie Murdock N/A
"Wacky and Wild Security - Getting things under CIS Controls V7" Jeremy Mio N/A
"Interdisciplinary Infosec: Equifax, Individuation, and the Modern State" Thomas Pieragastini N/A
"Mobile Application Privacy and Analytics" Kevin Cody N/A
"Evolving the Teaching of Pen Testing in Higher Ed" Robert Olson N/A
"Go back to the basics with your processes: Improving operations without technology." Mark Abrams N/A
Anatomy of an Attack John Fatten N/A