BSides2018MANCH35T3R 2018 Aug. 16, 2018 to Aug. 16, 2018, Manchester, United Kingdom

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
APT15: Live and Kicking Ahmed Zaki N/A
Tricking binary trees: The (in)security of machine learning Joe Gardiner N/A
Welcome home: Internet Open Telemetry Martin Hron N/A
Next gen AV vs my shitty code James Williams N/A
Introduction to Return Oriented Exploitation on ARM64 Billy Ellis N/A
Advanced Hardware Attacks for the Working Hacker Mark @largecardinal N/A
The Digital Entropy of Death Chris "paperghost" Boyd N/A
Red Team and Stuff Doug Mcleod , Liam Hagan N/A
Social Engineering Tales of Pirate Queen Sharka N/A
How CTF mindset will hurt you as penetration tester Idan Ron N/A
Its a PHP Unserialization vulnerability Jim, but not as we know it Sam Thomas N/A
Securing OAuth 2.0 for Native Apps Jonathon Winterborn N/A
Hospitals and infosec (the consequences of bad security in health care) Jelena Milosevic N/A
Cyber League - Rise of the University CTF James C. Foster N/A
Adventures in WAF Michael F. Thompson N/A
Side-stepping DLP with just a browser Trevor Watkins N/A
Practical Web Cache Poisoning: Redefining 'Unexploitable James Kettle N/A
Modern macOS Security Michael Jack N/A
Cracking the Perimeter: How Red Teams Penetrate Dom Chell N/A
Incident Response for Dummies Julian Pileggi N/A