SOURCE Boston 2009 March 11, 2009 to March 13, 2009, Boston, USA

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How Microsoft Fixes Security Vulnerabilities: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Msrc Security Update Engineering Process Mark Wodrich , David Midturi , Jonathan Ness Take a look behind the scenes at the Microsoft Security Response Center, the group that ... Security Testing
Turning Science Into Sound Bites: Lessons From Prototype This! Joe ( Kingpin ) Grand A lifelong hacker and electrical engineer, Joe spent 18 months as a co-host of Prototype ... Security
I Can Haz Privacy David Mortman Just how bad is it? Is it time to move to Canada or Australia? Do ... Security Privacy
The Crisis In Information Security Adam Shostack Information Security faces a crisis. As a discipline, as a profession or as a passion, ... Security
Politically Motivated Denial Of Service Attacks Jose Nazario The rapid growth of the Internet has been mirrored by a growing number of packet ... Security
Information Security In Higher Education: Baby Steps Adam Dodge , Kees Leune Higher Education is an interesting field for information security professionals. Many of the rules that ... Security Others Access Business
Exploiting Unicode-Enable Software Chris Weber The complex landscape of Unicode offers a ripe area for vulnerability research and exploitation. Many ... Security
New Tools In Web And Unicode Security Chris Weber Chris will showcase a new passive security auditor for performing fast and painless Web-app security ... Security Web
So You Want To Train An Army Of Ninjas... Dan Guido In this talk, I will discuss the challenges, successes, surprises, and lessons learned creating and ... Security Testing
The Partial Disclosure Dilemma Dino Dai Zovi , Alexander Sotirov , Iván Arce , Dan Kaminsky , Katie Moussouris , Ryan Naraine The never-ending debate about vulnerability disclosure has taken a new twist. In addition to "responsible ... Security
Attacking Layer 8: Client Side Penetration Testing Chris Gates , Vince Marvelli "Do you have good perimeter security keeping bad guys from coming in the front door? ... Security Testing
Cloud Compliance And Privacy Michael Dahn How are companies impacted as they move from virtualization of systems to a complete cloud ... Security Privacy Compliance Cloud
Lessons Learned: Limited, Targeted, Collaborative Disclosure And Multi-Organizational Cooperation Dan Kaminsky The DNS bug should not have mattered. For all the noise, it was really a ... Security
Wireless Sensor Networking As An Asset And A Liability Travis Goodspeed Wireless Sensor Networking (WSN) technology, as typified by Zigbee and ISA100, makes use of ultra-low ... Security Wireless
Employing Pci Compliance Programs As A Springboard For Enterprise Security And Business Enablement Ward Spangenburg During this economic hardship, many organizations are buckling down and tightening their budgets. Unfortunately, this ... Security Business Compliance
Mac Os Xploitation Dino Dai Zovi MacOS X has so far enjoyed a comparatively safe and malware-free existence on today's hostile ... Security Exploitation
The Frogs Who Desired A King: A Virtualization And Cloud Computing Security Fable Set To Interpretive Dance Christofer ( Hoff ) Hoff Aesop wrote this little ditty about some discontented frogs who lived in a pond. They ... Security Cloud
How To Respond To An Unexpected Security Incident: A Reality Check Lenny Zeltser "Best practices" emphasize the need to prepare for incident response before the security breach occurs. ... Security
Protecting Vulnerable Web Applications With Iis7 Brian Holyfield With the advent of IIS7 and its modular design, Microsoft has provided the ability to ... Security Web
Get Rich Or Die Trying - Making Money On The Web The Black Hat Way Jeremiah Grossman Forget Cross-Site Scripting. Forget SQL Injection. If you want to make some serious cash on ... Security Web
Introducing Heyoka: Dns Tunneling 2.0 Alberto Revelli , Nico Leidecker DNS Tunneling is a well known technique, and various free tools are available to play ... Security DNS
Panel: Tug Of War Between Business And Security Rob Cheyne , Art Papas , Walter Kuketz , Adriel Desautels , Gene Meltser In real-world situations, we often find ourselves struggling to find a reasonable balance between business ... Security Business
Vulnerabilities In Application Interpreters And Runtimes Erik Cabetas None Security
Binary Clone Wars: Software Whitelisting For Malware Prevention And Coordinated Incident Response Shane ( K2 ) Macaulay , Derek Callaway Data/code/binary file similarity analysis, anomaly specification or signature detection methods, whether applied statically, dynamically or ... Security Malware
Massachusetts Data Breach Laws, Regulations, And Responsibilities Benjamin Jackson Massachusetts has taken great leaps regarding data breach notification over the past years. In 2007, ... Security Business
Horseless Carriage Exploits And Eavesdropping Defenses James Atkinson Exploration of the modern eavesdropping threat posed by automobiles and other motor vehicles, common penetration ... Security Exploitation
Maximizing Roi On Vulnerability Management Carole Fennelly Lots of organizations have a vulnerability management program. After all, compliance standards such as ISO ... Security Compliance
Anti-Debugging - A Developer'S Viewpoint Tyler ( Txs ) Shields Anti-debugging is the implementation of one or more techniques within computer code that hinders attempts ... Security Access Analysis Malware Development
From The Garage To Nasdaq With Open Source: The Sourcefire Experience Martin Roesch In 1998 Martin Roesch wrote the first line of code that became Snort, the Open ... Security
The Economics Of Cybercrime And The Law Of Malware Probability Sam Curry , Amrit Williams There are many factors influencing the behavior of cybercriminals, and these factors can be quantified ... Security Malware
Crowdsourcing Compliance: An Introduction To Peer-Reviewed Due Care Brandon Dunlap None Security
Dissecting Foreign Web Attacks Val Smith Attackers have been increasingly using the web and client side attacks in order to steal ... Security Web
Panel Discussion: 2009 And Beyond Phillip Hallam-baker , Dov Yoran , Jeff Bardin , Rick Howard , Anthony Arrott The Internet continues to grow at an incredible rate due to variety of factors, emerging ... Security Panel
Secure Voice Communications - The Missing Piece In Mobile Security Tony Fascenda Mobile security solutions focus on data to the exclusion of all else. When it comes ... Security
Student Meet-Up Anonymous The purpose of this meet-up/reception is to provide student attendees with an opportunity to network ... Security
Security Start-Up Event Anonymous Do you an idea for a security-related start-up that would you like to get feedback ... Security Panel
Source Reception Anonymous Please join us as we celebrate the 2nd year of SOURCE Boston and welcome our ... Security
Peer-To-Peer Discussion Groups Anonymous These discussion groups are an opportunity for attendees to meet and to discuss with individuals ... Security
Securosis Amit Yoran , Marcus Ranum , Ron Gula , Peter Kuper We will follow the progression of data breaches and highlight some of the problems that ... Security Business
Career Management Workshop Lee Kushner , Mike Murray As the economy has continued to act like the world's largest roller-coaster, many Information Security ... Security
Splunk Robert Fox With the ever-growing amount of data collected in IT environments, we need new methods and ... Security Analysis Business Compliance
400 Apps In 40 Days Sahba Kazerooni You are an information security practitioner who finds them self responsible for the security of ... Security Risk Analysis