HotSec'18 2018 Aug. 14, 2018 to Aug. 14, 2018, Baltimore, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Taking the Red Pill: Designing Sensors that Recognize False Realities Connor Bolton N/A
Learning sensitive indoor location from unprotected sensors on mobile devices Huadi Zheng N/A
Smart City Security Tadayoshi Kohno , Yuan Tian , Earlence Fernandes , Guy Verrier , Yuyi Taylor N/A
Program analysis of IoT implementations Z. Berkay Celik N/A
A(nother) case for research on secure robot apps Sam King N/A
Fear The Hacked IoT Medical Devices: the apocalypse is already happening, and no one noticed? Sara Rampazzi N/A
Enhancing privacy protection for Aadhaar-like biometric authentication Junbum Shin N/A
Privacy-preserving electronic ID on smart phones Rene Mayrhofer N/A
Audit for access policy Geetanjali Sampemane N/A
Usable TLS client authentication Daniel Zappala N/A
Revocation Checking - why is this still so hard? Kevin Bock N/A
Science of security or (Science of security, is it delicious and can I have some of it?) Janne Lindqvist N/A
How can we evolve cyber physical security policies to automatically manage changing threats? Joseph Hallett N/A
The State of Physical Attacks on Deep Learning Systems Earlence Fernandes N/A
Stale time is a security threat Fatima Anwar N/A
Memory Tagging and how it improves C/C++ memory safety Kostya Serebryany N/A
The Algorithmic Bug Bounty Amit Elazari N/A
Learning about protecting distributed infrastructure from behavioral economists Saurabh Bagchi N/A
Gb/s true RNG using commodity parts James Hughes N/A
Account security is broken Elena O'curry N/A
Awareness programs are designed to fail, aka, Behind every stupid user is a stupider security professional. Ira Winkler N/A
Security metrics: is this even possible? Xenia Mountrouidou N/A
Fielding and securing autonomous combat units Jm Pelletier N/A
A case for research on digital identities Sam King N/A