SOURCE Boston 2008 March 12, 2008 to March 14, 2008, Boston, USA

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Your Car Passed Inspection…But What About Your Software? Matt Moynahan Today, millions of purchases are based on rankings and certifications published by third parties like ... Security
Having A Defined Target For Software Security Testing Robert Martin Learn about the new efforts surrounding application security assessment technology that are dramatically accelerating the ... Security Testing
The Cert C++ Secure Coding Standard Stephen C. Dewhurst An essential element of secure coding is a well documented and enforceable coding standard. Coding ... Security
Understanding Emerging Threats: The Case Of Nugache Bruce Dang , Dave Dittrich Distributed intruder attack tools have evolved from the original "handler/agent" DDoS tools of 1998, to ... Security Malware Botnets
Automated Structural Malware Classification Ero ( Ertia ) Carrera With the advent of an economy relying on large bases of infected computers and collection ... Security Malware
Developing An Incident Response Plan Carole Fennelly It's Monday. You've got mail! A lot of it… 60 Minutes is holding on line ... Security
Deperimetrisation - Dream Or Nightmare For Network Security? Cèdric ( Sid ) Blancher As perimeter based network security approach seems to be failing at protecting our infrastructures and ... Security
How Compliance Can Get You Killed Mike Rothman The reality is compliance has become the ìgoalî for many security professionals. Keep the auditors ... Security Compliance
Disruptive Innovation And The Future Of Security Chris Hoff IT departments have spent the last 10+ years enabling users by delivering revolutionary technology and ... Security Business
Understanding And Preventing Data Breaches, The Real World Edition Rich Mogull Just a quick glance at the headlines shows that the onslaught of data breaches and ... Security
All The Data That'S Fit To Visualize: Raffael Marty What the New York Times teaches us about visualization. With the ever-growing amount of data ... Security Business Compliance
Managing Your Career In Infosec Lee Kushner Careers in information security are often difficult to navigate, with the industry changing more and ... Security
Current And Future Security Issues In Mobile Devices And Networks Frank Rieger Mobile devices and networks, such as GSM and 3G present a significant risk for the ... Security Risk Business
Banking On Education: A Case Study On Security Training Programs Rob Cheyne , Jeff Richard Many organizations find themselves needing to create a security training program, but do not know ... Security Development
Content Awareness – A Cornerstone To Data Protection John Amaral The perimeters of a corporate network are expanding. Mobile devices and ubiquitous network access have ... Security Access Risk Analysis Business
Detailed Thread Modeling Threat Modeling Is Quickly Becoming A Popular Technique Used To Assess The Security Posture Of An Application'S Architectural Components. But Is There A Way To Perform Such An Krishna Raja , Nish Bhalla A traditional threat model is an effective tool for determining the threats that pose a ... Security Risk Development
Detailed Thread Modeling Threat Modeling Krishna Raja , Nish Bhalla A traditional threat model is an effective tool for determining the threats that pose a ... Security Risk Development Botnets
Utilities, Oil & Gas, And Process Manufacturing Gary Sevounts Companies increasingly rely on the benefits introduced by interconnections of PCS (Process Control Systems) that ... Security
Telephone Defenses Against The Dark Arts James Atkinson Exploration of the modern eavesdropping threat posed by telephone equipment, common penetration points exploited by ... Security Exploitation Auditing
A Security Metric For Software Developers Steve Lipner Steve's presentation will introduce a predictive metric that Microsoft has applied to the development of ... Security Development
To Be Announced... Lee Kushner None Security
Vulnerability In The Real World: Lessons From Both Sides Of The Fence Ryan Permeh There is a distinct rift between software vendors and security researchers. Common ground between these ... Security Access
Not Dead But Twitching: Anti-Virus Succumbs To The Scourge Of Modern Malware Andrew Jaquith The security of PCs is no longer a tractable problem that can be solved by ... Security Malware
Advanced Linux Firewalls Michael Rash This talk will concentrate on advanced topics in Linux firewall infrastructures including Single Packet Authorization, ... Security Firewall
How To Make Tor Play Well With The Rest Of The Internet Roger Dingledine Tor is used by several hundred thousand people daily: ordinary citizens who want protection from ... Security Anonymity Legal
Don'T Tell Me What, Tell Me Who: Correlating User Identity And Application Data To Threats Sandy Bird Insider threats, compliance violations, policy break-downs, and general malicious activity are detected all the time ... Security Access Compliance
Avoiding Audit Overlap John Nye Whether driven by PCI, GLBA, client requirements, or internal standards, the demand for security assessments ... Security