CORNCONQuadCities 2018 Sept. 7, 2018 to Sept. 8, 2018, Davenport, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Careers in Cybersecurity: Can there be more than IT? Angela Dogan N/A Getting Data Protection Right: Using Risk Assessments for Effective Contracts Steven FoxN/AN/AN/A
Identity Strategy Bob West N/A Securing Legacy ICSCarlos Solari N/AN/AN/A Through the Looking Glass: Threat Intelligence beyond just ones ...
Sci-Fi Author of Cyber Storm Matthew Mather N/A
Deception in the World -Past, Present, and Future Tony Cole N/A
An In-depth Look at Stack Buffer Phil Polstra N/A
Threat Landscape 2018 Adam Gates N/A Cyber Myths, Secure Network Challenges, & SolutionsRichard MarshallN/AN/AN/A
Drone on the Farm Travis Hartman N/A
It’s the CyberSecurity Cops! What the Feds Do When They Investigate You and How LabMD Flipped Over Their Game Board Mike Daugherty N/A
Leveraging Cyberattacks for Economic Warfare John Bumgarner N/A
Building A Restricted & Trustworthy Linux Environment Xe1phix N/A
Anthony Lauderdale Russian Information Warfare N/A
Roll them bones! The design and implementation of electronic dice Jon Williams N/A
Tales from the Crypt... analyst Jeff Man N/A
How to Build an InfoSec Career with more than a dash of Impostor Syndrome Bobby Kuzma N/A
Hacking Closed Networks Ira Winkler N/A
Benvenuto Cellini, Nirvana and The Special Forces: Becoming an Artist, Warrior and Philosopher in Information Security Carlos F. Lerma N/A