SecTor 2010 Oct. 17, 2010 to Oct. 19, 2010, Canada

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Attribution For Intrusion Detection Greg Hoglund With today's evolving threat landscape, and the general failure of AV to keep bad guys ... Security
Todayís Face Of Organized Cyber Crime: A Paradigm For Evaluating Threat Steve Kelly Traditional organized crime syndicates and urban street gangs are well understood by law enforcement officials. ... Security
The Problem With Privacy Is Security Tracy Ann Kosa Privacy advocates tend to spend a lot of time refuting the high profile discussions about ... Security
Involuntary Case Studies In Data Security Mike Rothman It is absolutely backwards, but while the bad guys constantly share details of their exploits, ... Security
Microsoftís Cloud Security Strategy Mohammad Akif As the adoption and interest in cloud computing grows, technical and business decision-makers are trying ... Security
Do It Yourself - Security Assessments Made Easy And Free John Andreadis With the continuing changing threat landscape and continuous demands on compliance to regulatory standards, InfoSec ... Security
Scada And Ics For Security Experts: How To Avoid Cyberdouchery James Arlen The traditional security industry has somehow decided that they are the white knights who are ... Security
Gates, Guards, And Gadgets: An Introduction To The Physical Security Of It Kai Axford We're all familiar with using a defense-in-depth strategy when planning information security, but none of ... Security
Starting An Infosec Company: Three Founderís Stories Eldon Sprickerhoff , Robert Beggs , Dave Millier , Brian O'higgins Ever wonder what itís like to start your own InfoSec company? Join our ìInfoSec Corporate ... Security
Crime & Carelessness: Gaps That Enable The Theft Of Your Most Sensitive Information Ryan Boudreau "Information is power and money. Our professional lives revolve around building, inventing and working with ... Security
Building The Defcon Network, Making A Sandbox For 10,000 Hackers David ( VideoMan ) Bryan , Luiz "effffn" Eduardo David covers how the DEFCON network team builds a network from scratch, in three days ... Security
Dissecting The Modern Threatscape: Malicious Insiders, Industrialized Hacking, And Advanced Persistent Threats Brian Contos This is an intermediate to advanced level presentation that pulls from McAfee Labs research as ... Security
Cloud Definitions Youíve Been Pretending To Understand Jack Daniel Weíve all heard talks where we nodded in agreement with the speaker when he or ... Security
64-Bit Imports Rebuilding And Unpacking Sèbastien Doucet 64-bit malware are coming! 64-bit malware are coming! Iíve been repeating this for the last ... Security
Sdl Light: A Practical Secure Development Lifecycle For The Rest Of Us Marisa Fagan Security companies are beginning to attack the problem of software vulnerabilities at the source, the ... Security
Unidirectional Connectivity As A Security Enabler For Scada And Remote Monitoring Applications Lior Frenkel Network segregation (also called ìair-gappingî) is considered a foolproof method for protecting networks from external ... Security
Sharingan Ñ A Ninja Art To Copy, Analyze And Counter Attack Mrityunjay Gautam Many products in the industry have or use some kind of a proprietary network protocol. ... Security
Mastering Trust: Hacking People, Networks, Software, And Ideas. Pete Herzog Why can't we make the right decision all the time? Our sense of trust is ... Security
Cloudinomicon: Idempotent Infrastructure, Survivable Systems & Bringing Sexy Back To Information Centricity Chris Hoff Mass-market, low-cost, commodity infrastructure-as-a-Service Cloud Computing providers abstract away compute, network and storage and deliver ... Security
Malware Freakshow 2010 Nicholas J. Percoco , Jibran Ilyas We had a busy year. We investigated over 200 incidents in 24 different countries. We ... Security
Google'S Approach To Malware On The Web Fabrice Jaubert This talk looks at how Google searches for malware on the web, and how those ... Security
How I Met Your Girlfriend Samy Kamkar How I Met Your Girlfriend: The discovery and execution of entirely new classes of Web ... Security
400 Apps In 40 Days Sahba Kazerooni , Nish Bhalla You are an information security practitioner who finds them self responsible for the security of ... Security
Building Your Own Secure U3 Launchable Windows Forensic Toolkit Jason Kendall This toolset attempts to provide a easy to use U3 drive to gather forensic data ... Security
Into The Black: Explorations In Dprk Michael Kemp North Korea scares people. Allegedly DPRK has a super l33t squad of killer haxor ninjas ... Security
Ipv6, For Worse Or Better Joe Klein It is about to happen: the long promised upgrade from IPv4 to IPv6 is on ... Security
What'S Old Is New Again: An Overview Of Mobile Application Security Mike Zusman , Zach Lanier The ever-increasing prevalence of mobile devices brings with it a slew of security problems. Applications ... Security
Emerging Threats, The Battle For The Access Edge Mark Townsend Your network is under attack. Malware, Trojans, Botnets and host of other threats are alive ... Security
Metasploit Tips And Tricks Ryan Linn There are tons of tutorials to get started with Metasploit but have you ever wanted ... Security
Into The Rabbit-Hole Rafal Los Since the caveman first fashioned a spear humans have been using tools to make them ... Security
Beyond Aurora'S Veil: A Vulnerable Tale Derek Manky In 2009, the Conficker worm was dissected by researchers, and then fried by the spotlight ... Security
Black Berry Security Fud Free Adam Meyers As mobile computing devices proliferate the enterprise more 'security' conscious people are raising flags about ... Security
A Day In The Life Of Apt Adam Meyers The term 'Advanced Persistent Threat" has dominated the cyber security world for the last several ... Security
Realize More Value From Your Existing Security Tools Dave Millier Dave Millier will talk about leveraging information gathered from various sources (security and system logs, ... Security
Beyond Exploits: Real World Penetration Testing Hd Moore This presentation focused on abusing design flaws, configuration errors, and information leaks to gain access ... Security
Metasploit Pro Ñ An Hd Moore Production Hd Moore Join Metasploit founder and Rapid7 CSO, HD Moore, to learn about Metasploit Pro, a new ... Security
How Many Vulnerabilities? And Other Wrong Questions David Mortman At every security conference there's always a group of people asking which is more secure, ... Security
The Four Types Of Lock Deviant Ollam Physical security is an oft-overlooked component of data and system security in the technology world. ... Security
Securing Your Network With Open-Source Technologies And Standard Protocols: Tips & Tricks Nick Owen We continually are asked ìDoes your product work with VPN X?î. This is the wrong ... Security
Inside The Malware Industry Garry Pejski Not much is known about the malware industry and how it makes money. This talk ... Security
Culture Shift: Social Networking And Enterprise Environments (Security Risk Vs Reward) John W. Pirc Social networking for most of us is becoming wrapped into our DNA. This is especially ... Security
Sniper Forensics V2.0 - Target Acquisition Christopher E Pogue Last year at SecTor, Christopher debuted "Sniper Forensics", which illustrates how to use live analysis ... Security
Web Application Payloads Andrès Pablo Riancho This talk will introduce attendees to the subject and show a working implementation of Web ... Security
Smashing The Stats For Fun And Profit V.2010 Ben Sapiro ìSmashing the stats for fun and profit v.2010î (or how to convince your boss to ... Security
Fuzzing Proprietary Protocols - A Practical Approach Thomas Prˆll Proprietary protocols are commonly used in industrial environments and are hard to fuzz. Often, one ... Security
Todayís Reality: Living In Compromise To Advanced Persistent Threats Charlie Shields Today's network advanced persistent threats by definition evade detection by perimeter defenses and current concepts ... Security
Distributed Denial Of Service: War Stories From The Cloud Front Michael Smith Due to the rise of large-scale botnets, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is making a ... Security
Barcodes: Read It, Write It, Hack It Michael Smith Barcodes are everywhere and weíre seeing more and more of them, from the RealID specification ... Security
By The Time Yove Finished Reading This Sentence, Ìyore Infectedî Eldon Sprickerhoff This talk is intended to be a rapid-fire description of 25 tactics currently used by ... Security
Blindelephant: Web Application Fingerprinting With Static Files Patrick Thomas Well-known web applications are used for many purposes such as blogging, forums, e-commerce, database management, ... Security
How Do We Prevent, Detect, Respond And Recover From Crm Failures? Kelly Walsh In this session Kelly compares customer relations breaches with security breaches, specifically their impacts on ... Security