SecTor 2009 Oct. 17, 2009 to Oct. 19, 2009, Canada

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Keynote: The Frogs Who Desired A King: A Virtualization And Cloud Computing Security Fable Set To Interpretive Dance Christofer ( Hoff ) Hoff Aesop wrote a little ditty about some discontented frogs who lived in a pond. They ... Security
Keynote: Consumer Internet Identity. Andrew Nash Consumers have too many online identities - they must remember dozens of accounts and passwords, ... Security
Keynote: A Day In The Life Of A Hacker... Adam ( Major Malfunction ) Laurie When you check into a hotel room, do you see the elegantly understated, calm yet ... Security
Hacking The Privacy Legislation Tracy Ann Kosa In today's environment of particularly scarce resources, privacy can be easily buried under its sexier ... Security
The Past, Present & Future Sql Injection Jerry Mangiarelli SQL Injection has brought a lot of awareness over the last few years, from the ... Security
Portable Document Malware, The Office, And You - Get Owned With It, Can'T Do Business Without It Seth Hardy Many new types of malware, particularly targeted attacks against high-value targets, are using a very ... Security
Sniper Forensics - Changing The Landscape Of Modern Forensics And Incident Response Christopher E. Pogue Live Analysis tools and techniques have exploded onto the incident response scene in the last ... Security
Consumerization And Future State Of Information Warfare Robert ( Rsnake ) Hansen People crave constant communication, instant gratification, ease, and fun. But at what cost? What doors ... Security
The Ghostnet Story Nart Villeneuve In March 2009 researchers at the University of Toronto uncovered a network of over 1200 ... Security
Towards A More Secure Online Banking ' Moving Beyond Twenty Questions. Nick Owen Online financial applications have developed in a seemingly haphazard way. The result is images for ... Security
Massively Scaled Security Solutions For Massively Scaled It Michael Smith The US Federal Government is the world's largest consumer of IT products and, by extension, ... Security
Smashing The Stats For Fun And Profit Ben Sapiro (or how to convince your boss to spend properly on security) We all know that ... Security
Malware Freakshow Nicholas J. Percoco , Jibran Ilyas In 2008 alone, we performed full forensic investigations on over 150 different environments ranging from ... Security
Weaponizing The Web: More Attacks On User-Generated Content Nathan Hamiel , Shawn Moyer Ultimately, basing the value proposition of your site on user-generated and external content is a ... Security
Nsploit: Popping Boxes With Nmap Ryan Linn Tired of waiting on scans to complete so you can own boxes? Maybe we can ... Security
Game Over, Man: Gamers Under Fire Christopher Boyd An exploration of security issues relating to consoles and their risks to both home users ... Security
When Web 2.0 Attacks - Understanding Ajax, Flash And Highly Interactive Technologies Rafal Los This talk covers the problems that are emerging with Web 2.0 technologies, why they are ... Security
Your Mind: Legal Status, Rights And Securing Yourself James Arlen , Tiffany Strauchs Rad As a participant in the information economy, you no longer exclusively own material originating from ... Security
Crimeware: Web Exploitation Kits Revealed Roy Firestein The session introduces the attendee to how crimeware has become increasingly popular in recent years, ... Security
To Cache A Thief | Using Database Caches To Detect Sql Injection Attacks Kevvie Fowler Most SQL Injection attack detection methods are heavily dependent on IDS and web server logging ... Security
Sslfail.Com Tyler Reguly , Mike Zusman , Jay Graver brings together Security Enthusiasts who research all things SSL/TLS. Secure Sockets Layer and Transport ... Security
Retaliation: Breaking Attack Vectors In The Infrastructure Jennifer Jabbusch 2010 will be the beginnings of a new world of network and infrastructure security as ... Security
W3Af - A Framework To Own The Web Andrès Pablo Riancho Specially crafted for SecTor's attendees, the w3af project leader will deliver a double talk about ... Security
Deblaze - A Remote Method Enumeration Tool For Flex Servers Jon Rose Flash has traditionally been a graphics heavy technology used to create artistic user interfaces that ... Security