BSidesJacksonville 2018 Nov. 10, 2018 to Nov. 10, 2018, Jacksonville, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote - Standing on the Shoulders of InfoSec Giants Jack Daniel N/A
Blocks and Chains: Past The Hype of Blockchain Nathan Hamiel N/A
Protect All the Things - Collect All the Data Aaron Rosenmund N/A
Introduction to Threat Modeling Sandra Escandor-o'keefe N/A
Cloud Security Fundamentals Mark Baker N/A
Defense Through the Eyes of an Attacker Stanley Parret N/A
Compliance? What Compliance? Stacey Banks N/A
What is Wrong With DNS and How Can We Fix it Without Implementing DNSSEC Johannes Ullrich N/A
PCI-DSS - Success Measures to Obtain Your Yearly Report Of Compliance. Jonah Goldsmith N/A
Modern ICS/SCADA Threats and Defenses Chris Williams N/A
Using Word Clouds to Sneak Past Applicant Tracking Systems Brandi Kiehl N/A
CyberZoology: Protecting Your Network From New Breeds of Attacks With a Raspberry Pi. Patrick gage Kelley N/A
A Glance at IDA Free: A Live View of Using IDA Free Travis Philips N/A
Techniques to Find Common Security Bugs in Web Applications Nawwar Kabbani N/A Enterprise Open Source Hardware: The (Conceptual) Why, What, and How From a Security PerspectiveBeyond ...
Odroid Xu4 Portalan Dan Bidleman N/A
The Anatomy of a Well-Crafted Phish Jeff Macgregor N/A
Hacking Your Brain Ed Spencer N/A
Cryptoanarchy: An Introduction and How It's Being Used as a Positive Means for Social Change Brandon Kirby N/A
Hacking K-12, Teach Your Kids to Hack Michael Marbut N/A