DEEP2018 2018 Oct. 3, 2018 to Oct. 4, 2018, Boston, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Security Story: The Hard Work Pays off Cory Collins N/A
The Ripple Effect of Block Chain Alex Burkardt N/A
Security All-In Richard Curry N/A
Attack Simulation Israel Barak N/A
AI and Cybersecurity: the Growing Need for Threat Hunting Lotem Guy N/A
How I Made a Multi Billion Dollar Company Change Their Point of View Benjamin Delpy N/A
Cyberhustle: Security Lessons from Hollywood Sam Curry N/A
Denial of Trust: the New Attacks Wendy Nather N/A
The Internet of Eyes David Rose N/A
Human Security in the Era of Intelligent Machines Garry Kasparov N/A
The Human Exploit: Compromising Companies with Social Engineering Rachel Tobac N/A
From the Front Lines of the Boston Marathon Bombing Ed Davis N/A
Jazz. You Can Learn from It. Emmet Cohen N/A
What Keeps Me up at Night? John Halamka N/A
A Conversation with Michael Lewis Michael Lewis N/A