SecTor 2008 Oct. 17, 2008 to Oct. 19, 2008, Canada

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote - No-Tech Hacking Johnny Long Johnny LongBased on the book No-Tech Hacking, this presentation shows life through the eyes of ... Security
Keynote - Baggage: What I Took With Me When I 'Left' Computer Security Stephen Toulouse Known by most by his email name, 'Stepto', Stephen Toulouse was involved in some of ... Security
Lockpick Village - Running All Day In Hall G Deviant Ollam Physical security is far too often an overlooked aspect of modern security. 'Its fine, the ... Security
Wifi Clinic - Running All Day In Hall G Brad Haines It's a hot topic. You probably know there are a lot of attacks on wireless ... Security
The Future Of Snort: Why It Must Change For Network Security To Live. William Young With over 3,000,000 downloads, Snort is the most widely deployed and trusted intrusion detection and ... Security
Metasploit Prime H D Moore This talk dives into the upcoming features of Metasploit 3.2, including IPv6 support, wireless client ... Security
Pwning The Proxy Dino Covotsos Compromising an internal proxy is easy. If you know what to do. And we'll show ... Security
Security And Robustness In Backbone Design Raven Alder This session will explore current issues in backbone design, from large-scale outages and disaster recovery ... Security
Security Heretic: We'Re Doing It Wrong James Arlen Information and Computer Security is a multi-million dollar business. I am part of that business. ... Security
Owning The Users With The Middler Jay Beale This talk introduces a new open source, plugin-extensible attack tool for exploiting web applications that ... Security
The New New Thieves And Contemporary Security Analysis Pete Herzog An informative look into the modern security industry, the role security testers play, what we ... Security
Under The Ihood Cameron Hotchkies The market share for Apple devices has grown considerably over the past few years, but ... Security
Network Security Stripped: From Layered Technologies To The Bare Essentials Jennifer Jabbusch 2009 will be a big year for network security, with the rejuvenation of NAC technologies, ... Security
Advanced Spear Phishing Attack Framework Joshua Perrymon This talk will introduce spear phishing and how successful these attacks are in the real-world. ... Security
Finding Cryptography In Object Code Jason Wright Finding and identifying cryptography is a growing concern in the malware analysis community. The current ... Security
The Four Horsemen Of The Virtualization Security Apocalypse: My Little Pwnie Edition Christofer ( Hoff ) Hoff Despite shiny new stickers on the boxes of our favorite security vendors' products that advertise ... Security
Rfid Unplugged Eric Johanson RFID system usage is increasing in the transit, access control, and payment sectors, with little ... Security
Double Trouble: Sql Rootkits And Encryption Kevvie Fowler This is a joint session covering two critical SQL Server risks; SQL Server rootkits and ... Security
Novel Malware Detection Bruce Potter The last few years represent a large change in the threats against our systems. The ... Security
Googless Christian Heinrich The October 2008 Update of the OWASP "Google Hacking" Project will demonstrate the "Spiders/Robots/Crawlers" and ... Security
New Research On Canadian Privacy Breaches Tracy Ann Kosa Canadian organizations must contend with 5 pieces of privacy legislation governing different sectors and industries ... Security
Tracking Current And Future Botnets Matt Sergeant Since 2004 when the outbreak of the MyDoom virus installed botnet spamware software on the ... Security
Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Lockpicking & Physical Security Deviant Ollam Physical security is an oft-overlooked component of data and system security in the technology world. ... Security
Exploit-Me For Fun And Profit Jamie Gamble , Tom Aratyn The Exploit-Me suite of tools provide a powerful platform for testing websites for application vulnerabilities. ... Security