SecTor 2007 Oct. 17, 2007 to Oct. 19, 2007, Canada

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote - Growing The Security Profession Richard Reiner As the field of information security matures, several significant barriers to progress that exist today ... Security
Keynote - Zen And The Art Of Cybersecurity Ira Winkler The biggest problem in corporate information security is the people performing the work. I have ... Security
Keynote - Attack Trends And Techniques: What'S Hot!? Steve Riley The bad guys just keep getting better! They're constantly changing their tactics and inventing new ... Security
Keynote - A Law Enforcement Perspective Carole Bird Today, more than ever, law enforcement must work closely with various partners to identify and ... Security
The Evolution Of Phishing To Organized Crime Rohyt Belani This presentation will discuss the evolution of phishing from being a means of stealing user ... Security
Dnssec: Theory And Worldwide Operational Experiences Paul Wouters The Domain Name System (DNS) has been up for an overhaul for many years, as ... Security
Process Control And Scada: Protecting Industrial Systems From Cyber Attack Mark Fabro With the recent advancements in national security initiatives, as well as parallel efforts in research ... Security
Modern Trends In Network Fingerprinting Jay Graver , Ryan Poppa Both a WhiteHat Audit and a BlackHat Compromise begin with scoping out the network. Using ... Security
Nac@Ack Michael Thumann , Dror-john Roecher The last two years have seen a big new marketing-buzz named "Admission Control" or "Endpoint ... Security
Security Challenges In Virtualized Environments Joanna Rutkowska This presentation tries to show different security problems that might arise in virtualized environments. It ... Security
Human Factor Vs. Technology Joanna Rutkowska This lecture will present current challenges in operating systems security - from both a human ... Security
Hacking Hollywood Johnny Long Hacking stuff is for the birds. I'm taking a new path in life. I've decided ... Security
Exploit-Me Series - Free Firefox Application Penetration Testing Suite Launch Nish Bhalla , Rohit Sethi Security Compass is pleased to announce the release of the free Exploit-Me series of application ... Security
Sql Server Database Forensics Kevvie Fowler Databases are the single most valuable asset a business owns. Databases store and process critical ... Security
Tcp/Ip Perversion Rares Stefan The evolution of rogue code has somewhat ignored the opportunities offered by kernel network drivers. ... Security
Wireless Security - What Were They Thinking Brad "Renderman" Haines Wireless technology was supposed to mean freedom from wires and desks. It has instead become ... Security
Hacking Bluetooth For Fun, Fame And Profit Dino Covotsos Enhancements in cellular technology and mobile computing in recent years has lead to the availability ... Security
Securing Commodity Systems Using Virtual Machines David Lie In this talk, I will summarizing advances in academic research for mechanisms that use Virtual ... Security
Data On Threat Evolution - What 47 Leading Security Vendors Are Seeing Ben Sapiro Forty-seven of the world's leading security vendors collaborate with a single centralized, private source of ... Security
Web Application Worms: The Future Of Browser Insecurity Mike Shema The traditional conception of web application security covers how attacks piggyback HTTP(S) through a firewall ... Security
State Of The Hack Kevin Mandia During the last ten years, Kevin Mandia has been on the front lines assisting organizations ... Security
Black Ops 2007: Dns Rebinding Attacks Dan Kaminsky The web has grown beyond anyone's wildest expectations -- but it's still based on Internet ... Security
Yore Just Not Pretty Enough To Do Investigations Kai Enforcement You're not attractive enough to be on CSI: Miami, but who cares...this is real life. ... Security
How Close Is The Enemy Kevin G. Coleman Hackers, terrorists, insiders, nation states and others all pose threats, but who really is capable ... Security