BSidesRoma 2019 Jan. 12, 2019 to Jan. 12, 2019, Rome, Italy

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
“I Bootkit non sono morti, il ritorno di Pitou!” Gianfranco Tonello N/A
“JS Deobfuscation with JStillery” Stefano Di Paola N/A
“Red Team techniques, or how to expand your empire in Active Directory Environment“ Guglielmo Scaiola N/A
“Network Hacks for Smart Attacks” Lorenzo Nicolodi N/A
“Supply Chain Attack Through CCleaner – Evidence Aurora Operation Still Active” Jay Rosenberg N/A
“Building an Effective Info Sharing Community” Giovanni Mellini N/A
“Pentesting an unfriendly environment: Bypassing (un)common defences and mate the king” Sandro Zaccarini N/A
“Your flag is Traceback – A CTF team story” Thezero , Smaury , Last Team N/A