CFCSt 2019 Jan. 16, 2019 to Jan. 18, 2019, St. Moritz, Switzerland

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
SEMINAR: Crypto and Blockchain - Introduction to the industry Luzius Meissner N/A
Opening speech Tobias Stöhr N/A
FIRESIDE: 10 years on - Are we even close to Satoshi’s dream since the gift of the whitepaper? Andy Hoskinson N/A
PANEL: Crypto years are like dog years - A deeper look at the fast moving state of the industry that changes everything Michael Bucella , Ted Rogers , Flore-anne Messy , Jane Goldi N/A
FIRESIDE: What would Nostradamus have said? - Predictions for the future impact of the industry Sebastian Markowsky , Joram Jesperson N/A
KEYNOTE: Old and new world of global finance Philipp Rösler N/A
FIRESIDE: Crypto and Blockchain in the Asian market - Is the industry ready for mass adoption? Yoshitaka Tanaka N/A
FIRESIDE: The future of money - The inevitable (?) rise of Crypto towards mass adoption Kahina Van Dyke N/A
KEYNOTE: Path to mass adoption - Information on a public Blockchain Fabian Schär N/A
KEYNOTE: Technologists view on what is necessary to mass adopt Blockchain Bob Mcelrath N/A
PANEL: From anarchy to adoption - Are we selling out or really creating a better world? Niklas Nikolajsen , Jörg Von Minckwitz , Sterlin Lujan , Sterling Kelly N/A
PANEL: Should token economics be regulated? - How the industry lowers risks for investors and token issuers Aviya Arika , Emilie Raffo , Thomas Aparius N/A
PANEL: The regulation maze - Comparing global perspectives and the challenges in achieving international alignment Loretta Joseph , Ruedi Noser , Michael Lötscher N/A
FIRESIDE: Next-level enterprise AI - AGI + Blockchain Ben Goertzel N/A
KEYNOTE: Blockchain and geo politics - A powder-keg or a solution for global crisis? Karl-theodor Zu Guttenberg N/A
PANEL: A maturing industry - Are the conditions right to unlock the institutional tsunami of capital? Jan Brzezek , David Namdar , Toby Lewis , Vanessa Goldberg N/A
PANEL: The good, the bad and the ugly - Lessons learned and shining examples of token economics Richard Ettl , Mathias Ruch , Melanie Vogelsteller N/A
PANEL: Security token offerings (STO) - The new standard or is there still a place for utility tokens? Demelza Hays , Maja Vujinovic , Romina Bungert , Carlos Redel N/A
KEYNOTE: Stable coins in Crypto land - Introduction and lessons from central bank practice Aleksander Berentsen N/A
PANEL: Why does the world need stable coins? - And what are the challenges and opportunities that come with its rise? Aleksander Berentsen , David Fauchier , Tatiana Panasuk N/A
KEYNOTE: The second coming of the - How to protect your privacy in a new environment Rand Hindi N/A
Changing the world as we know it - What will be the most dramatic impacts on our society? Toni Lane Casserly , Dr. Manfred Krischke , Reese Jones , Eva Falys N/A
FIRESIDE: How to solve the bottle-neck of philanthropy and social impact investment through Blockchain Bill Hai N/A
KEYNOTE: Adoption of Blockchain and Crypto - Status quo and latest trends beyond the hype Dr. Gregaard N/A
KEYNOTE: How to fundamentally change, expand and enhance an industry with Blockchain without destroying it Mattias Hjielmstedt N/A
KEYNOTE: How to simple transactionalize nontransactional platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp & Co with a Blockchain-enabled legaland fin tech solution Philipp Toth N/A
KEYNOTE: Digital, analogue, real - The Crypto-media ecosystem in Asia Otavio Oliveira N/A
KEYNOTE: Media in the Blockchain Era Marc Scarpa N/A
PANEL: How the media industry can continue to be trusted and relevant David Wachsman , Timo Scarpa N/A