ICGS3 16 Jan. 16, 2019 to Jan. 18, 2019, London, United Kingdom

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
AI, Binary Arithmetic, Radicalisation and Reaction Lord Berriew N/A
Securing Business Intelligence for the Industrial Internet of Things Professor Richard Hill N/A
User Fortified Defence - the Use of Psychometrics in Human Vulnerability Assessments Berta Akhgar N/A
AI in the Battlespace for Maritime Force Defence Aaron Parker N/A
Technology Disruptions or Distractions: The State of Cyber Security Today Amie Taal N/A
Ethics, the next frontier for Global Security, Safety & Sustainability Prof. Hessami N/A
Next-Generation Digital Forensics: Challenges and Future Paradigms Reza Hill N/A
Secure Social Media Spaces for Communities of Vulnerable People Elias Polatidis N/A
The Role of Blockchain in Supporting Critical National Infrastructure Stefan Jahankhani N/A
Hidden Protocol Strengthening with Random Sentences as Cryptographic Nonces Eckhard Pfluegel , Martin J. Tunnicliffe , Omego Obinna N/A
Study of the means of online payment in the Portuguese population Henrique Santos , Nuno Castro , Vítor J. Sá , Maria José Magalhães N/A
Ransomware Impact to SCADA Systems and its Scope to Critical Infrastructure Jaime Ibarra , Usman Javed Butt , Anh Do , Hamid Jahankhani , Arshad Jamal N/A
Circle Of Trust: a high volume, energy efficient, stake blind and high attack tolerant Blockchain Consensus Protocol Rahul Ravindran N/A
dAppER : Decentralised Application for Examination Review Ian Mitchell , Sukhvinder Sheriff N/A
Identifying Vulnerabilities Using Internet-wide Scanning Data Jamie O’hare , Rich Macfarlane , Owen Lo N/A
The Effect of Nodes Density on Real Time Traffic in Mobile Ad Hoc Network Sufian Yousef , Firas Hazzaa , Nada H. Ali , Erika Sanchez N/A
Comparative Analysis of a Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Source Camera Identification Farah Ahmed , Fouad Khelifi , Ashref Lawgaly , Ahmed Bouridane N/A
AutoEncoded Domains with Mean Activation for DGA Botnet Detection Binay Kim N/A
A Study of the UK Undergraduate Computer Science Curriculum: A Vision of Cybersecurity Rodrigo Ruiz N/A
Security Perceptions in Cloud-based e-Government Services: Integration between Citizens’ and IT-staff Perspectives Abeer Alkhwaldi , Mumtaz Kamala , Rami Qahwaji N/A
Federated Blockchain-based Tracking and Liability Attribution Framework for Employees and Cyber-Physical Objects in a Smart Workplace Gabriela Ahmadi-assalemi , Haider Al-khateeb , Gregory Epiphaniou , Jon Cosson , Prashant Pillai N/A
Hacking NHS Pacemakers: How feasible is it? Jake L Beavers N/A
Security and Privacy Issues for Business Intelligence In IOT Mohan Krishna Kagita N/A
Cybersecurity and law in Israel – a case study Who will guard the guards themselves? Joseph Zernik N/A
Ransomware threat and its impact on SCADA Usman Javed Butt , Arshad Jamal , Maysam Abbod , Anzor Lors , Arvind Kumar N/A
Group-Based Key Exchange for Medical IoT Device-toDevice Communication (D2D) Combining Secret Sharing and Physical Layer Key Exchange Uzma Philip N/A
Trends in General Interest in Biometric Technologies Sérgio Magalhães N/A
eHealth: Challenges for Integrating BlockChain within Healthcare Tariq Jones N/A
A Study on Keyword Analytics as a precursor to Machine Learning to Evaluate Radicalisation on Social Media Nishan Jahankhani N/A
Encryption of Images file using a User controlled Automatically-generated Key Halima Shnishah , David Mulvaney N/A
Behavioural biometrics authentication tested using EyeWriter technology Bobby L. Tait N/A
Can Future smart cities powered by 100% renewables and made cyber secured-A Analytical Approach Mohamed Shaik Honnurvali , Naren Gupta , Keng Goh , Tariq Umar , Adnan Kabbani , Needa Nazeema N/A
A Novel Privacy Framework for Secure M-health Applications: The Case of the GDPR Uzma Mustafa , Eckhard Philip N/A
An investigation of using classification techniques in prediction of type of targets in Cyber attacks Sina Pournouri , Shahrzad Zargari , Babak Akhgar N/A
A Comparative Study of Machine Learning Approaches for Handwriter Identification Ahmed Bouridane , Amal Durou , Ibrahim Aref , Mosa Elbendak , Somaya Al-maadeed N/A
AdPExT: Designing a Tool to Assess Information Gleaned from Browsers by Online Advertising Platforms Hamid Jahankhani , Joseph Waldu Woensdregt , Haider Epiphaniou N/A
The Internet of Things: Implications for Consumer Privacy & Security Sherese Bishop N/A