SparkleconVI 2019 Feb. 2, 2019 to Feb. 2, 2019, Fullerton, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
The Intersection of Anarchism and Hacker History David Collins N/A
Car Hacking Briefing Will Caruana N/A
From music tech make to manufacture Helen Leigh Helen will share how she made the MINI·MU, a DIY gesture-controlled musical instrument for children ...
Whispering to Your 3D Printer John Cabrer N/A
I Can Haz PDF? Open Source Versus Academic Publishing Gregory Stuart Smith N/A
Getting in (A casual chat on Social Engineering & the Art of Penetrating Live Environments) $kü££h4x0r N/A
beyond the blinkie Beau Ambur N/A
Plasmatorium: modular synth sandbox Matt Davis N/A
Emerging Realities Ray Mosco N/A
Everything You Need to Know About 3D Modeling in 30 Minutes Machinest N/A
PerSec PERsonal SECurity) Dan Lozano N/A
I'm not Good Enough to Talk About Imposter Syndrome Rig Moroi N/A
Python for hackers Ravin Kumar N/A
How hackers deal with mental health, a lesson from interviewing dozens of you! Robert Lei N/A
The Intersection of Hacker History David Collins N/A
Social Engineering Rig Moroi N/A
Barb Makes Things: 3 Years of Aggressively Rapid Prototyping Barb Noren N/A
KISS inspiredCircuit Sculptures Jasmine Cheng N/A
Faux vacuum forming Jasmine Cheng N/A