CheckPointAmericas 2019 Feb. 4, 2019 to Feb. 6, 2019, Las Vegas, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote – Cyber Security for 2020 Gil Shwed N/A
Keynote Ann Johnson N/A
Keynote – Generations of Cyber Threats and Solutions Josh Zelonis N/A
Use Case – Securing the Broncos with Infinity Russ Trainor N/A A Hacker’s Mind Exposed FREAKY CLOWNN/AN/AN/A
A Cyber Security Gut Check: Good is Not Good Enough Avi Rembaum N/A
Incident Response Cloudy War Stories Dan Wiley N/A
Age of Things – Gen VI Security Itai Gonda N/A Automating Security Orchestration & Recovery with Check Point & BackBox Ted Czarnecki & Rafi ...
Cloudy with a Chance of a Breach John Bloomer N/A
Check Point 2019 Innovations, Roadmap & Vision Dorit Dor N/A The Cyber Risk Paradox Jeff SchwartzN/AN/AN/A
Hacking like a Disney Villain Maya Horowitz N/A
IoT and Nano Security Unraveled Yariv Fishman N/A
CloudGuard Dome9 and Check Point’s CloudGuard Family Zohar Alon N/A
CISO Point of View Joe Bennett N/A Innovations in Cyber Security Neatsun & Eddie DoyleN/AN/AN/A
Hackers Exposed – Gen VI Threats Under the Microscope Oded Balmas N/A
How Do We Protect Our Own Cloud Infrastructure? Sharon Schusheim N/A
20X20 Cyber Innovation winner N/a N/A Partnering for Success! Dan Yerushalmi & Frank RauchN/AN/AN/A
Taking the gloves off in 2019 Peter Alexander N/A
Winning Through Innovation Moti Sagey N/A
Leveraging Emerging Products to Over Achieve Your Quota Nathan Shuchami N/A DevOps and Security – Friends or Foes? Reuven HarrisonN/AN/AN/A
Docker & Containers: How to Contain it Securely Roy Feintuch N/A
SEE SPOT SECURE – Continuous Cloud Compliance and Security Simplified with Dome9 Grant Asplund N/A
Lift & Shift vs Cloud Native Yariv Fishman N/A
The Final Frontier Beyond Your Perimeter – Protecting Devices, Security Data Brian Gleeson N/A
SD-WAN and Branch Office Security – Unique Challenges & Effective Approaches Aviv Abramovich N/A
Endpoint Security Total Protection - Best Practices Yossi Hasson N/A
Threat Hunting with SandBlast NOW Jerrod Piker NOW
Automate Everything – The Future of Security Automation Ryan Darst N/A
Security for DevOps – No Humans Necessary Marco Garcia N/A
Secure the Virtual Cloud Network Against Advanced Threats with VMware NSX and Check Point Simon Cornelius N/A
SMB Security – Unique Challenges & Effective Approaches Aviv Abramovich N/A
Tracing Ransomware Payments in the Bitcoin Ecosystem Masarah Paquet-clouston N/A
Domestic Kitten Unravelling ISIS Espionage Aseel Kayal N/A
Why Mobile Adware Is Our Concern Avigayil Mechtinger N/A
What The Fax? Eyal Itkin N/A
How to Plan for Incident Response on the Power Grid Without Getting Zapped! Tim Kjendle N/A
Building your very own Check Point “playground” Eric Anderson N/A
Finding the Breach in a Haystack – Live Demo Kierk Sanderlin N/A
ICS Security Challenges in Smart Grid Environment Jordan Krueger N/A
Umbrella Security: How Morton Salt prevents and manages its Threat Landscape N/a N/A
Implementing a National Network for Inter-Government Services Eli Faskha N/A
Kick-*aas Cloud Security: Architecting Robust Security and Compliance Across Your *-as-a- Service Footprint Zohar Alon N/A
Securing SaaS Applications – The Pragmatic Approach Mark Ostrowsky N/A
Who’s Responsible for Your Cloud Security? – Lessons Learned Ran Lebowitsch N/A
AWS IaaS Architecture Blueprint Gustavo Vasanghapuram N/A
Cyber Attacks on Industrial Control System (ICS) – Reality!! Mati Epstein N/A
Preventing Attacks on Mobile Devices Scot Kight N/A
Security at Hyperscale Glen Deskin N/A
Humans Are Your Weakest Link. Protecting Against Social Engineering With Infinity Rich Comber N/A
Intelligent Automation for Security Operations Rafi Zvi N/A
How to Prevent Attacks Before They Strike Meir-jonathan Goldenberg N/A
API Best Practices with Check Point Robbie Elliott N/A
Orchestrating Gateway Operations – Best Practices Valeri Loukine N/A
The Next Wave of Breaches Dissected Orli Gan N/A
The Short Story of Terrifying State of Our Tool Set and What We Can Do to Make to Better Maciej Kotowicz N/A
Designing Exploits & Implants For Industrial Control Systems Jos Wetzels N/A
Game of Trojans: Dissecting The Russian Underground Cyber Scene Chen Erlich N/A
Geo Policy – Your Secret Weapon for Increased Security and Gateway Performance Timothy Hall N/A
Regain Visibility of your Network Traffic Michael Poczobut N/A
CloudGuard Deployment Scenarios in AWS Vladimir Yakovlev N/A
SandBlast Mobile Security – Don’t Put It On Hold Stacy Dunn N/A
Honeypotting and Sandboxing Beginners Guide Eric Synopsis N/A Enabling Business & IT Operations in the Face of Mounting Security Requirements Emmanuel D. ...