Ruxcon 2010 March 24, 2010 to March 24, 2010, Melbourne, Austrailia

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Killing The Elephant In The Room - Enterprise Vulnerability Management Tactics Matt J Technical conferences often present new and innovative research concerning vulnerability assessment, exploitation and mitigation controls. ... Security Business
Milking A Horse Or Executing Remote Code In Modern Java Web Frameworks Meder Kydyraliev If you thought from the title that either was unlikely this presentation will prove you ... Security Others
Breaking Virtualisation By Switching The Cpu To Virtual 8086 Mode Endrazine In the last five years, virtualisation software has been massively adopted by companies as a ... Security Hardware General
Will It Blend? Billy Rios Today’s information systems are giant mesh of complexity. Typical consumer systems have large numbers of ... Security Exploitation
We’Ve Been Hacked! What Went Wrong And Why Mark Goudie This presentation is based on the Verizon Business Data Breach Investigations Report1 (DBIR) and will ... Security Intrusion Detection Incident Response
Web Scanners For The Win... Louis Nyffenegger More and more organisations think an automatic web scanner can replace pentesters. Even if it ... Web Monitoring
Prospecting For Rootite: More Code Coverage, More Bugs, Less Wasted Effort Ben Nagy Everyone wants better code coverage for their fuzzers. Work in the field has ranged from ... Rootkits
Padding Oracle For The Masses Nicolas Waisman Nicolas Waisman joined Immunity in February 2004. Nicolas has experience in all areas of offense-related ... Security Others
Ghost In The Shell(Code) Matthew De carteret Shellcode is the crux of any exploit being run today. It dictates what the exploit ... Security Development
Virtualisation Security State Of The Union David Jorm Virtualisation and cloud computing technologies provide a unique set of security problems. Where one host ... Security
No Holds Barred Penetration Testing Jarrod Loidl This presentation aims to explain why security consultancies are losing the war in providing meaningful ... Security Network Penetration Physical Pentesting
The Computer Forensic & Ediscovery Tools That Time Forgot Adam Daniel With the growing popularity of Computer Forensics and Electronic Discovery in both law enforcement and ... Computer Forensics
Rux Lox - An Introduction To Lockpicking Graeme Wily Bell There has been a rise in the popularity of picking locks for fun in the ... Hardware Reverse Engineering Hardware General
Dep In Depth Brett Moore An in-depth look into Data Execution Prevention on Windows systems, and how it can be ... Security Data Exfiltration
Hooray For Reading: Hacking The Kindle Peter Hannay The Kindle is an e-book reader device with a number of unique features. There are ... Hardware Reverse Engineering Hardware General
How To Do Real World Computer Forensics... And Not Get Burned Nick Klein Sooner or later, most IT folks will be asked to do some form of investigation, ... Computer Forensics
Identifying C Structs From Binaries Kuza55 This talk will show an attempt to build the typical manual reverse engineering process of ... Security Others
Australian Internet Security Initiative - Cleaning Up Our Own Backyard Mark Chaffe The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) are helping in the fight against botnets with ... Cyberwar
This Job Makes You Paranoid Alex Tilley The Australian Federal Police's High Tech Crime Investigations area deals with an increasingly wide variety ... Security Others
Fast Automated Unpacking And Classification Of Malware Silvio Cesare Silvio developed a signature based Malware detection system using control flow graphs as features for ... Security Malware
Hhackerspace - Robots & Dinosaurs Gavin Smith Hackerspaces are creative places for geeks. They're workshops full of equipment, tools and materials, where ... Hardware Reverse Engineering Hardware General
Security In Public-Safety Radio Systems, Apco Project 25 Matt Robert , Steve Glass Project 25 (P25) is the standard used by police and emergency first-responders across the US, ... Hardware General
Understanding The Java Serialisation Attack Surface Daniel Grzelak We have recently been asked to perform a number of security assessments which use Java ... Security Others
Rfid Shits And Giggles Edward Farrell RFID technology is the new cool. It’s the access pass around our neck, the overpriced ... Hardware Reverse Engineering Hardware General
Code Analysis Carpentry (Or, How To Avoid Braining Yourself When Handed A Smt Solving Hammer) Sean Heelan This talk will be one part "Oh look what we can do when we have ... Security Development
Dnsübernoober – Dns Enumeration On Steroids! Jaco Van heerden [DnsÜberNOOBer] – A tongue in the cheek word used by the presenter to point out ... DNS
Everybody Be Cool This Is A Roppery! Tim Kornau Return-oriented programming is one of the most advanced attack techniques available today. This talk presents ... Security Others