KiwiCon 2010 Nov. 27, 2010 to Nov. 28, 2010, Wellington, New Zealand

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Training: Bareback Unix Privesc: Who Needs Kernel Ohday? Metlstorm Workshops
So You Wish You Could Read All The Shellcode? Brett Moore Workshops
Learn To Pop Your Locks Derek Robson Hardware Reverse Engineering Hardware General
Rfid (In)Securities Anne Galloway Hardware Reverse Engineering Hardware General
Understanding The Java Serialization Attack Surface Daniel Grzelak Security Others
Operational Security For Hackers Eon Security Others
Full Circle Kiosk Paul Craig Others Security
Code Analysis Carpentry (Or, How To Avoid Braining Yourself When Handed A Smt Solving Hammer) Sean Heelan Security
How Does Your Gut Stack Up? Patrick , Andrew Security Others
Monkeying Around On The Ape Mike Jager Others
Windows Exploit Mitigation Techniques Brett ( Antic0de ) Moore Exploitation
Aleatory Persistent Threat Nicolas Waisman Others
How To Fail At Fuzzing Ben Nagy Fuzzing
Unsolvable Problems In Computer Security Peter Gutmann Others Security
B&E For Breakfast: Practical Urban Exploration In Nz Alhazred , Rob Security
Bending Light: Optical Trickery For The 21St Century Blair Harrison Hardware General
Who'S Afraid Of The Search And Surveillance Bill? Marissa Johnpillai Legal
Distributed Cracking With No 8 Wire Tecnik Security
Weapons Of Mass Storage Destruction Cartel Security Others
There'S Something Shiny In That Word Doc! Kirk Jackson Security
Nuke The Site From Orbit (The Final Solution Of The Scraper Arms-Race Question) Oddy Security
Wardriving In The Age Of Arduino Follower Hardware General
Playing The Shell Game: Non-Root-Kits Metlstorm Security Rootkits
Moneyshot: 45Cal Http Packets pipes Web
Was That A Hacker Wearing A Jacobean Ruff? Fosm Others Security