BlueHat 2010 Oct. 14, 2010 to Oct. 15, 2010, Redmond, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Remarks Sebastian M. Convertino Others
Cyber[Crime/War] – Connecting The Dots Ian Amit Cyberwar
From Russia With…An Insight On Intelligence Analysis Of Eastern Hacker Culture Fyodor Yarochkin Security Deep Knowledge
Behind The Curtain Of 2Nd Tuesdays: Challenges In Software Security Response Dustin Childs Application Security
Nine Trends Affecting The Future Of Exploitation John Lambert Security
The Unified Theory Of Dns Security Dan Kaminsky DNS Security
Blue Screen Of Death Is Dead Matthieu Suiche Security Others
Everybody Be Cool This Is A Roppery Vincenzo Iozzo Security
Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit 2.0 Fermin J. Serna Security
Defensive Cloud Application Development Grant Bugher Security Cloud Development
Opening Remarks Mike Howard Others
Windows Phone 7 Security Talk Geir Olsen Mobile Security Security Application Security
A Brief History Of Attacks Against Ios And Android Charlie Miller Deep Knowledge
A Framework For Automated Architecture-Independent Gadget Search Ralf-Philipp Weinmann , Tim Kornau , Thomas Dullien Automation Security
Browser Hacks, Design Flaws, & Opt-In Security Jeremiah Grossman Security Exploitation Browser
The Mixed Blessing Of Browser Security Robert Hansen Security Browser
How Bing Protects Itself Brian Christian Security Browser